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So first off- a big “My Bad” from all us Philmont fellas on the blog front this week (save Josiah). As most of you know we’ve spent the last week and a half driving out to California, playing a show and driving back. Between illness and a total lack of internet access it’s been hard for most of us to post our blogs on our promised blog days. That being said, this week should give you five tasty new ones!
Despite being sick for the majority of our trip (and still fighting through it as I write to you) I got to spend a good amount of time enjoying God’s masterpiece called creation. Traveling from one coast to another in the bus we were able to watch the scenery change from Carolina pines and foothills to mountains to deserts and finally to the rocky California coast. This is one amazingly diverse country we live in! One evening while staying with Josiah’s family in Capitola, CA, I jacked Josh’s bike and rode down to sit by myself at the beach and soak up the landscape that God laid out in front of us.
I was reminded of a great verse in Romans (1:20) where Paul writes, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.”
I think it’s easy for us to take our beautiful surroundings for granted. We need to stop for a second and really focus on the beauty and down right creativity that went into Creation!
A while back Philmont went to see the new Alice in Wonderland. While enjoying all the bizarre creatures and customs of the fantastic “down the rabbit hole” world I found myself blown away by the scene where the caterpillar is saying goodbye to Alice and wrapping himself in a cocoon to later break out as a beautiful butterfly. I had to take a step back and remind myself- that actually happens in the world we live in! How amazing! The craziest most creative things out of Tim Burton’s mind paled in comparison to what God created with this fantastic “above the rabbit hole” world for us to enjoy. In the end, all creation points to a creator.
All that being said, here’s some pictures I snapped of our trip. I hope the images are half as breathtaking as they were when I first captured them.

Until next week…



  1. LOVE the pictures Scott! God’s creation really is breathtaking!!!
    Sorry to hear you guys were sick, I’m praying for y’all!
    I miss you guyses SO SO SO much, so come back East aways (to Texas that is). 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear from y’all again!

  2. i have also been finding myself thinking a lot about creation lately. ive been going to the doctor for my shoulder and head and its got me thinking just how crazy and complex humans and all living things are. there is no way we just came out of no where, there was definitely a creator behind all of us and every thing and i dont know how some people dont believe it. its just so amazing!

  3. im sorry u we’re sick…hope ur feeling better now, i loved the pics they we’re so wonderful =D L8r

  4. glad that you are feeling better! did anyone at the beach recognize you? those views are fantastic. :] and what does “no umping” mean? haha! have a great week!

  5. Ah, there’s no place like the beach 🙂 it’s the perfect place to think about what an amazing God we serve! Get well, Scott!

  6. I love ur pics Scott ! they r amazingg ! before I read this, I nvr rly did have time to look at all of God’s breathtaking creations. it’s so amazing that he made all of this. well, he is the God of all gods, isn’t he ?(: I love y’all Philmont!

  7. Scott, no-one blames you guys for not posting!! Just glad to hear you are all alright and recovering from illnesses. Thanks for the little reminder to stop and enjoy the beautiful Creation around us. That’s one thing I miss about living overseas, I seem to appreciate it more there than I do here. Here, I seem to be just too busy. It’s sad. Safe drive for all of you, praying…and I’ll hopefully see you guys on Saturday!

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