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No. This will not be a blog about soccer. To be honest- I didn’t know we even had a team! I’m all about supporting your country (in sports and otherwise) but I think it’s funny how everyone becomes an expert on a sport as soon as we have a team in contention of winning it all! Take the last Olympics- Michael Phelps hops in the pool for team USA and suddenly everyone knows all there is to know about competitive swimming. To prove my point I’m praying that the USA curling team will practice extra hard these next couple of years so in 2012 I can overhear the next table at Applebee’s saying things like, “Man if we’d only had the hammer in that last round we could have chip and lied and won this thing!” (thanks wiki)
But I digress….

Tomorrow we leave for Spirit West Coast. I’m equal parts excited and bummed about the trip. Excited because it’s been over a year since Philmont has ventured out to the west coast and I’m stoked to see some old faces. I’m bummed because me and Britt could not line-up a dogsitter for Mila so now Britt is going to have to stay behind. I’m so used to having Britt around 24/7 that it’s always hard to say goodbye even if it is only for a couple weeks. (sad face)

I’m very proud to announce that Britt has started her own blog! I think it’s going to be a great, encouraging read to all you young, Christ-centered ladies (guys can stop by too!) Check out here first post at

So these Sunday blogs are really becoming a habit for me huh? Well I spent a good chunk of yesterday working with Josh and Jeremi on building out the side of our trailer so that we could easily get to our luggage. After doing that and packing all our stuff back in we came to this conclusion: we have way too much space in our trailer! My vote is to fill the empty space in the back of the trailer with a moon bounce. I’ll keep you posted as that develops. We spent Friday night in nearby Raleigh, NC playing a benefit show for the organization Stop The Nakedness. Here’s how it works- you buy a STN tshirt from their website for $20 so that you can look super fly. When you do that they send you a second tshirt to either give to someone in need or to give away to help spread the word about STN. THEN they ship another tshirt overseas to a child in need! So far they’ve delivered shirts to El Salvador, Costa Rica, Uganda, Latvia, India, Panama and Haiti!
Hop over to their site and check them out…maybe even buy a shirt (actually 3 shirts) while you’re there:

Well that’s it for me this week. Next week I’ll pacifically write a blog to let you know how we’re all doing!



  1. Have fun in So. Cal.! 🙂

  2. GO AMERICA. I love soccer! The World Cup was so exciting! 🙂
    How has Trailer Swift been holding up for y’all? 🙂

  3. ill watch ur doggie lol i love dog Gizmo thinks she pretty much runs our house lol hope u guys have a safe and fun trip ….later =D

  4. I don’t keep up with sports at all! 🙂 Though, I suppose it is interesting enough. Aww, man, sorry you have to leave Britt! If I lived in NC, I’d dogsit for you guys. Mila wouldn’t be a problem, I’ve dogsat five dogs (two German Shepherds, a boxer, a deaf Dalmation, and a chow) all at once. And they didn’t all get along, so I had to let them out in shifts. 😀
    I just started my own blog too! Well, about a month or so ago. It’s weird writing things down, but it’s cool too. I just now started following Britt’s blog.
    What’s a moon bounce? Haha, you can never have too much space, just sayin’. Hmm, I think I’m gonna go check out STN! Have a great (and safe) trip!

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