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Hey guys,

I write to you from St. Paris, Ohio where I’m spending some time with my girlfriend and her family before we head out to Cali. I left Sunday after our Father’s day lunch and made the 9 hour drive from Charlotte with only one stop. Last night we drove out to Piqua, OH and saw Toy Story 3 in 3D. It was our first movie-date and the movie was up to par with the first two, I recommend everyone sees it.

I’ll be in Ohio until Thursday, then I’m driving home in time for our show in Raleigh, NC on Friday. Only a few days after that we start the long drive to the California for Spirit West Coast. I’ll be my first time out there and I’m really looking forward to it, and to meeting tons of new people!

Thanks to everyone who supported us at Ichthus Festival, it was my first year playing there and I had a blast the whole time. We met a lot of new friends and got to hang out with some bands that we’ve spent time with on the road in the past. It has me really looking forward to the upcoming festivals.

We made some new friends with a organization called “Self Destruct.” It’s a skate/bmx team and a clothing line. It’s an amazing ministry plus some sick shirt designs. Check out their website and support these guys anyway you can.

That’s it for me this week, next Tuesday I’ll be writing to you from the west coast.




  1. Josh!!! hiya =D hope everything is going good for u , i saw Toy Story 3 and i laughed through the whole thing lol awesome blog btw so see ya l8tr

  2. Don’t call it Cali. We like, NEVER say that! lol sound like a native and call it So Cal if you must shorten the name 😉 have fun in our warm California sun! 🙂

  3. Hey Ichthus was a blast 🙂 ur the first band i HAD to see and u guys done great as usual LOL and i also saw toy story it was SWEET!!

  4. You guys sound busy!! Good stuff! I’ve only been to California twice, mostly around the Los Angeles area. Glad you had a fun time at the festival, I’ve never been to one, but my first one is coming up next month on the 17th!! It’s the HillsAlive festival in SD. Aren’t you guys gonna be there? Cool beans, I’ll check out “Self Destruct”!! Have fun and stay safe on the roads!

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