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Hey gang,

We just returned from an awesome weekend at Ichthus festival in Wilmar, Kentucky. After all the hard work of promoting and baking in the sun and working the merchandise table 24/7, we had a great time. We made a boat load of new friends and caught up with quite a few old friends as well. We were lucky enough to find a spot for Burney next to an outlet so we could run our AC. I have mad respect for everyone who roughed it all weekend in tents, we’ve had our fair share of camping out in the past. I guess we’re “moving on up.”

Everyone this week is spending time with family and friends before we head out in about a week for Spirit West Coast. Im excited to get back out that way. Were hopefully planning on swinging through Arizona and seeing some familiar faces and putting on a show. Then we hit Sonshine Festival in Minnesota! We’re pumped for that, it is one of our favorite festivals to play.

Traylor Swift (our new trailer) is getting built out for some serious organization this week. Soon it will haul everything from luggage to BMX bikes and everything in between.

Thats all for now!



  1. I’m confused about the AC in Burney…do you plug it in, like household AC, or is it normal car AC that is broken? Going to the west coast sounds wonderful…I’ve always wanted to spend some time there and haven’t gotten the chance yet. So I hope that your time there goes awesome! Have a great week! :]

  2. “Your hat fills me with the deepest awe and respect.”

    Loved seeing you guys at Ichthus. I’m jealous of your AC, since I was one of those roughing it in a tent.

    You should seriously consider coming out and playing in Asheville someday reaaaaaaaaal soon, okay?

  3. YAY! for AC lol hope everything goes well for u guys when u head out ..stay safe 😛

    so i was wondering if u guys would keep all the people and animals that are being affected by the gulf oil spill in your prayers please 😀 later and have fun

  4. Sonshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, yay! Should be great. ^_^

  5. Traylor Swift. Clever 😉 I wish I lived closer to the Spirit West Coast thing….can’t make it, but hope it goes well 🙂

  6. Kelsey – Burnie has 2 A/C systems. One that operates like a normal vehicle system when we are driving, and one that is a rooftop unit that only works when we are plugged in RV-style. The rooftop unit works fine, but the normal A/C was busted, so we had to cruise with the windows down all the way to KY and back!


  7. SONSHINEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! haha! I’m soooooooooooo excited! :]

  8. I was talking to Joshua Wilkerson from Green River Ordinance and he said they met a band once who would just pull over on the side of the road and get out their sleeping bags and just sleep there. Joshua said he once spent the night in their van in 2˚F weather, rather than sleep on a “diseased” hotel room floor. Wow! I’m not sure I could do either. o_O Glad you had some AC at night!
    Enjoy your family and friends! Hmm, if your AZ stop is close enough to TX…have fun at Spirit West Coast and Sonshine Festival!

  9. What’s up Justin? I very seriously doubt you remember me but I went to school with you when we were younger. I graduated from Central Davidson in 05′. I think we had some of the same friends but we never really hung out but we had met on a couple different occasions. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say keep up the good work man. Its so awesome that our awesome God is using you guys on such a big scale. Always keep him first and yall be sure to live out loud and rock hard for Him! PHILMONT ROCKS!!!

    J. Ivey

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