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Happy Father’s day everybody! Hope you were nice to your dads today. Instead of talking about the wonderful time we had at Ichthus Festival this past weekend I thought I’d honor Father’s Day and share a few of my childhood memories about my father.

I remember one time my dad took me and my older brother fishing. We were young- maybe 11 or 12 and set out for a guys-only day trip to some lake around here to reel in some big ones. Well, the fish weren’t biting at all- not so much as a nibble. Instead of letting the whole day be a total funless (not a word) flop my dad pooled together the little resources he had and salvaged the trip by making up a new game. He drug a huge log out of the woods and pushed it out into the water. We then spent the next 2 hours throwing large rocks at it trying to “sink the battleship”. To you this may still seem like a horrible waste of a Saturday but I’ll always remember it as one of my favorite fishing trips.

Another activity I enjoyed with my father as a child was grocery shopping. Grocery shopping with dad was always more fun than shopping with mom. With mom there was always a list, a plan and flawless execution. With dad it was roam up and down each aisle and grab whatever sounded good. I remember we would always start in the bakery where he would pick up a bag of those mini chocolate donuts and he, my brother and myself would tear though them as we shopped. At the end of the trip we would pay for the empty bag of donuts as well as at least two bags full of stuff my mom did NOT send us to the store to get.

As many of you know I too am a father. I have a little dog-ter named Mila. She woke me up this morning with a bunch of Father’s Day kisses. And while the only present she had for me was the one she left in the yard, I’d say it was a pretty good father’s day.

I’d like to round out my Father’s Day blog by quoting comedian Jim Gaffigan from his tweet earlier this morning:
“My 4 yr old son gave me a hand made card for Father’s Day. Maybe for Christmas I’ll draw him a picture of some toys.”

See ya next week!



  1. awww that was such a cool post…loved the memories that u shared ,i remember when me and my lil bro we’re really small out of no where my dad would load up our bikes and take us to the local school play ground and we would ride on the walking track while dad filmed us, always loved it =) Happy Fathers Day =D

  2. awww! your dog-ter! so cute! good post and I follow Jim Gaffigan too!

  3. Your dad sounds like a great guy. Ah, Father’s day brings so many good memories. The ‘sink the battleship/floating log’ sounds like a lot of fun…
    Here’s to all dads out there! [ cheers ]

  4. Love the memories you posted, Scott!!
    My dad would take various ones of us (five kids) with him on trips into the mountains/jungles and the more remote areas on our island when he went evangelizing or church visiting. I don’t think mom was always happy about it (as there was a small contingent of guerillas in the mountains), but we always had fun! While dad was busy with his work, the village children would take us around and we’d climb trees, wade through rice patties, chase chickens, ride carabao, and generally do whatever we liked until dad was ready to go. 😀
    I have yet to wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day. On the day of, he was en-route to Bali, Indonesia with my two sisters and one of my brothers for a mission meeting. I’m jealous! They don’t get back until Saturday… :-/

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