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Hey everyone!

Hanging out here at Ichthus Fest this week, soakin’ up some insane amounts of sun and music! haha! I tanned about 2 shades darker in the period of one day! Luckily I dont really burn, just get super dark! Been havin’ a great time here! Played a killer show last night and we’ve got another one at 10:20 pm tonight! So stoked! I always love festivals because I get to see so many friends! Wether its people from shows I’ve played or bands I’ve toured with, its always a great time reuniting for a day and hangin’ out!!

So, today we partnered with another amazing company called Self Destruct. They are a clothing company based out of Arkansas, that also has a Bmx team and a Skateboard team! We talked with them yesterday about working together and today we got word that they want to partner up! They hooked us up with some ultra fresh gear to rock on and off stage! Everyone be sure to go check them out online @ They will also be at several festivals including Sonshine Fest where they will have a full skateboard team demo going on!! rad!

Well, I hope everyones week is going great!




  1. Jealousy! I don’t tan AT ALL. Everyone else in my family does though. >D

    Sounds like a ton of fun! I’ll go check out the site now. : )

  2. I wish that I could be at shows…not really possible since I’m all the way in Michigan. :\ But sunshine is always good! Yeah I thought I didn’t burn either (normally I just tan) but I went to the beach yesterday and my sister and I FRIED. My shoulders and face really hurt, boo. :[ But I am gonna check out the sight too!! Have fun at your shows (the one at 10:20 sounds totally sweet) and have an awesome week! :]

  3. Awww sounds like a lot of…wish i could be there to see all that Excitement!! lol hope u guys r having fun Soaking up the sun…sadly i dont tan very well..just burn mostly*crys* lol later 😀

  4. YAY!! SONSHINE FEST!! haha! I’m kinda excited already! :]

  5. I don’t tan in the least bit!! I just burn something awful…I’m so pale. 😀 You guys are hooking up with some awesome peeps!! I’m gonna go check them out!

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