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Hello Gang!

Gotta be up bright and early for mine and Scott’s little road trip to Georgia to pick up our brand spankin never been used trailer. When we return from our trip to Icthus were going to build out our closet to house our suitcases. Also we’ll have room to bring our AWESOME bmx bikes!! yahoo!! So now when we unload our trailer at shows it will look like were an extreme sports team with our skateboards, bikes and scooters! So be sure to welcome Philmont and our bus Burney’s new trailer, ” Traylor Swift”

Looks like Philmont is going to be hitting the west coast this summer. We’ll be hopefully seeing some familiar faces and familiar places. Sadly it will be during my family vacation, I will have to make it up to mom and pop somehow…. love you both. But were stoked to get back out there.

Lastly, this weekend is Father’s day, So dad I know you dont use a computer and mom you just facebook and read so you can tell dad I told him Happy Father’s day on the entire World Wide Web! Also my pops fixed the A/C in my car which it hasn’t had in the past 4 years. So he is the man and I no longer sit soaked in back sweat every time i drive!

Have a great week!



  1. I’m trying to figure out what your blogpost title means. It must be late in my head. :/
    Hope (and pray) you and Scott have a good/safe trip on the morrow and that Trailer Swift will be a good companion, not only for you guys but also for Burney. Are you going to decorate it?
    Are you guys going to be at HillsAlive in South Dakota in July? Because I just might see you there if my roadtrip from Texas works out. Aw, man, sorry you’re going to miss your family vacation!!
    I completely forgot about this weekend being Father’s Day, thanks for the reminder. My dad is overseas, miss him a bunch! Good thing your A/C is working now! Kudos to your dad!
    Thanks for the update!

  2. Justin!! lol love ur blog!wow its already time for fathers day? where has this year gone =o oh well hope everything goes awesome for u and scott,stay safe and its cool ur getting a new trailer(traylor swift lol)have fun ,later =D

  3. HAHAHA, Happy Father’s Day, Justin’s pappy.
    HEY, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS IN AUGUST. Justin, I seriously cannot wait to meet you… you are amazing.
    Hope Trailer Swift hauls well! 🙂
    Miss you guyseseses.

  4. Traylor Swift? :L Not a big fan of her, but I like it for the trailer. I wish that I lived in the west coast…beaches and sunshine. :] Have fun while touring there. And your dad really sounds pretty awesome since he fixed your AC. Cool (no pun intended) stuff!

    Have an awesome week!

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