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A Sunday blog from Scott? Hmmm…Something’s fishy!
Actually we’ve had quite the long weekend and access to the world wide web has alluded me until now. We played Crossover Fest Friday night in Camdenton, MO and had a great time. We left Nashville on Thursday morning and arrived at the fest that night, plugged in the bus and got some much needed sleep. The weather the next day was touch and go- an early morning downpour finally let up and the sun came out in full force…unfortunately so did the humidity! But the weather didn’t slow down the crowd which was rockin out just as hard as if it were 75 with a cool breeze. On top of the great show the people in charge had a fantastic spread so that all the bands could dine like kings! And what’s more, they had a chiropractor and a masseuse back stage ready to “adjust” and “massage” anyone who wanted it- AMAZING. Here’s a picture I snapped of Justin…he’s in heaven!

We made a lot of new friends after the set then packed up and headed out at the end of the night to start our 16 hour journey home.
After a couple of hours of driving we pulled into a gas station, parked the bus and called it a night. I woke up to start the morning shift to find that the battery on the bus was dead. Some nice young man jumped us off and we were on our way…but not for long!
The brakes were feeling very funny (as in they weren’t really working). We stopped and filled up our brake fluid (which was empty). This seemed to help at first but then it became clear (somewhere outside of Saint Louis) that something was wrong with the brakes. With an entire day of driving ahead of us and a good amount of that driving being on mountains, we had no choice but to locate a mechanic and have them check it out.
Turns out that the brake line was busted and we were spewing brake fluid every time we applied the brakes- no bueno. The nice mechanics got the parts in and fixed it as fast as they could and got us back on the road.
We rolled in to Charlotte this morning a little after 3 and I was sooooo grateful to flop down in my own bed! We feel very blessed that we were able to make it all the way home yesterday and that the repairs only cost the arm and not the leg 🙂
This week we drive down to southern GA to pick up our new team member Trailer Swift then it’s off to Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, KY. We love this fest and we’re stoked that we’re playing 3 days! If you’re going, look for the fliers- we’ll go ahead and plaster the festival grounds so you won’t have an excuse to miss the show!

Another cool new thing is that RYFO (an organization that ministers to touring bands) has started a text support program for their artists. You can text “Ryfo 123” to 85944 to donate $10 to Philmont! It will be charged to your cell bill at the end of the month. Your donations will go towards things like gas, repairs and other important touring needs. So, hey- if you feel compelled to do so, feel free to send out that text to support us!

See you next weekend at Ichthus!



  1. wow i sure am happy u guys got the brakes fixed =) hope ur having an awesome day ..still cant wait to hear the new music !! lol later =D

  2. ahaha that picture of Justin is hilarious! brakes are a good thing to have…glad that you gt them fixed. and I am soo stoked for the new song…have a great week! :]

  3. Hey Guys!
    Glad to hear you guys made it home okay! We had a blast at Crossover and you guys made it even better! Watching your talent on stage was the highlight of our night!! One of our youth group girls fell in love with Josh!! (Bridget) I have a great picture of them together! Anyways thanks for a great show!! Hope to see you again in Missouri! BTW do you guys have another web site for us to purchase your shirts, cd’s, ect??
    Keep Rockin!
    Renee =-)!!

  4. WOW, love the text “Ryfo 123″ to 85944 to donate $10 to Philmont! What a novel idea. Is 123 Philmont’s number? Just want to make sure that when I do it, it goes to YOU GUYS and not some other band. Please post this in your FACEBOOK and MYSPACE. Great service to bands!

  5. I’m ur newest philmont fan… luv u guys!!! u can see my blog too by clicking on my name on this comment. it would be cool if u guys checked it out and left a comment… lol… anyways U GUYS ROCK and keep on rocking my socks off!!!!!! btw u guys need to come to first baptist church of indian rocks in largo, fl!!!! plz!!!

  6. Sounds like a pretty fun festival! Wish I’d been there. Do festivals always have food for the bands? Wasn’t MIKESCHAIR at the same festival? I think they mentioned massages and manicures and things. Sweet!
    Glad you stopped to get the brakes looked at, bad brakes are never good. You do a really good job taking care of everyone, Scott!
    I totally texted RYFO (and I also signed up), it’s an awesome idea!! Glad to help out in any way possible. Thanks for tweeting and FB’ing it! Praying for you guys this week!!

    • Oh, and speaking of festivals, you guys are gonna be at HillsAlive in South Dakota in July, right? Are you just there for Saturday or will you be there the whole weekend? I might be roadtripping from Texas…!

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