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Recording a song is hard work! Most people don’t realize all that goes into a recording session. Take guitars, for instance. On Monday, Justin recorded 2 tracks of distorted electric guitars for the choruses, then 2 tracks of clean electric guitars for the verses. I then recorded 2 tracks of high-gain lead guitar, 2 tracks of a lighter lead part, 2 tracks of acoustic guitars, and 6 tracks of electric guitar played with an “Ebow”, which vibrates the guitar string so that it plays without being plucked or picked. On top of all that we laid down 2 electric guitar tracks in which I gently beat the body of the guitar to produce the sound rather than picking the strings – the result is a piano-like texture. The average listener wouldn’t hear this song and realize they are listening to 18 different guitar tracks! This is one of the reasons I love the studio. There is so much potential for creativity in layering and finding unique sounds. Anyway we are almost done with this song, our next radio single, titled “You Will Remain”. We just have some background vocals to finish. Jeremi tracked drums this morning in like a half hour! It was incredible.

Every time we come to Nashville, we take a trip to our favorite Nashville eatery, Chile Burrito. So that was our first order of business on Monday, and man, business was good. Today I dined at the greasily satisfying Five Guys; yet another blissful meal.

My debit card has had a perfectly horizontal crack deepening right along the strip for a while now. It now reaches more than halfway across the card. I ordered a new one over a week ago! It better be there when I get home!

As I type this, all of Philmont (+Brittany) is here in our friend Matt’s living room (while Matt is editing vocals), and literally everyone is covered up in a blanket, stretched out, with their computer in front of them. Except Josh. He is playing Xbox. And now that I look, I see that Justin and Jeremi have dozed off. It is a nap kind of day; I had one just a little bit ago. Gotta love that.

Well, thank you all for listening. Summer is in full swing! Go out and enjoy it! Have a great week.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1.“I Know There’s An Answer” by the Beach Boys

2. “Madmen” by Wavorly

3. “Wheels Over Me” by Mew




  1. Nice! I want to hear it (:
    Hope to see you guys soon, here in the netherlands, ’cause we miss you a lot! =(


  2. I adore the recording process. Most people think it’s tedious, but as long as the song doesn’t suck… it makes me happy. 🙂

    P.S. Beach Boys ftw. ^.^

    P.P.S. Sonshine, coming up soon. >_>

  3. I am so incredibly psyched to hear it!!! And that’s incredibly how much really goes into it. :/ Ahaha that’s hilarious…everyone’s working…oh wait, Josh is on the XBox and they are sleeping…I took a nap today. It was glorious. As I said, I can’t wait to hear the song! Have a great week!

  4. Sakes alive, I knew recording a song was complicated, but didn’t know there was THAT much in it. Pretty darn cool. I’ll appreciate it more now.
    Hey, my old debit card did the same thing awhile ago! My driver’s license is actually doing it now. But I think that’s because it got squished in my pocket.
    Naps are awesome. Monday I had a crash nap from 4pm-8pm (didn’t get back to bed till midnight) and Tuesday I had a crash nap from 8pm-11pm (didn’t get to bed till 2am). And I go to work at 7am. Oh dear…
    (dude, the Twitter whale had me ALL day!! Kudos to typing this on your phone!)

  5. What do you mean ‘summer is in full swing’? It’s been raining here constantly for three days now.
    And I’m looking forward to the song

  6. i am so excited about the new song, i know its going to be Awesome…cant wait! lol later

  7. some songs…

    1. Always Midnight by Pat Monahan
    2. Honey Let Me Sing You a Song by Matt Hires
    3.Can’t Let You Go by Matchbox Twenty

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