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Hello friends

Us Monts are in beautiful Nashville, TN recording a song I think every single one of you will enjoy. Its really catchy and meaningful and thats about all I can give away. This morning I finished my guitar parts now Josiah is finishing up a few lead parts and soon we will start laying down some vocals to it. We hope to have it out and on radio here soon so we will definitely keep you posted.

So far we have managed to take over Matt’s house, we thank you so much Matt and Blair!… with video games and laptops everywhere, I think ill start a cleaning party to tidy things up.

Tonight Scott and Britt prepared their classic Chili and spaghetti which is always great, and us boys cleaned up the kitchen…to the best of our abilities… Ive never seen such a better stacked dishwasher.. So if you would like to hire us for some house work we are very capable of doing so.

Um…last night there was HUGE brown and black spider on Matts front porch, it was the size of your “Z” to “V” button on your keyboard if you glance down real quick… I tell you no exaggeration nor lie. We were all terrified after it escaped death from a size 12 boot. Now its set on revenge and we cannot go outside without watching where we step.

Have a great week



  1. I’m looking forward to the new single! Haha, Josiah tweeted that he was recording guitar parts with @justinasams and it threw us for a loop. I’m guessing there is no “Justina Sams”.

    Aww, so nice of you to start a cleaning party! My dad calls them “house attacks”. Mmmm, spaghetti and chili, darn you, you’re making me hungry and I need to go to bed! Had a crash nap (4 hours) earlier though, so I’m not that tired.

    “Z” to “V”? That’s a nice sized spider!! And it didn’t die? Uck. We had some kind of jumping wolf spider in our bodega (storage shed) once, scared the heck out of us, it wouldn’t die either.

    Thanks for the update! Stay safe this week and praying for you all.

  2. lol…beware of the giant spider 😉

  3. Spiders are just creatures of God, just like us!

    They scare me too though :S

  4. hmm…men cleaning dishes. That’s exactly why dishwashers were made! Haha just kiddin. I can’t wait to hear the song on the radio…what’s the name? And that spider…now I don’t mind spiders, but if they are that size, NO THANK YOU! That spider sounded very grody. Have a great week!

    • I love the word grody! But I detest spiders! All bugs infact! But I love the word grody! 😀

      • Ahaha I say it all the time and my friends are like “What does grody mean?” that’s great. :]

    • The title of the song is in Scott’s blog 🙂 I believe it was… “You Will Remain”

  5. Woohoo TN my state =D lol hope u guys r enjoying ur selves and i am so excited about the new song its going to be awesome i just know it =P 😀 later

  6. Justin, spiders are attracted to you…face it. Luv ya, mom

  7. Wow, what an awesome week! Justin’s my HERO! Guitar hero, that is! 🙂

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