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I did something this week that I haven’t done in a good long time- worked a “big boy” job. Jeremi and I worked all week for my dad’s kitchen remodeling company installing cabinets and whatnot. It’s nice to have a couple bucks in the pocket and something to keep me busy when we’re not on the road. Working a nine to five is also nice because it reminds me of how blessed I am to spend the majority of my year on the road playing music!

We spent a good chunk of this evening working on a new Philmont song called “You Will Remain” and getting it ready for the studio. We head to Nashville to record it this Sunday and I’m pretty excited about it. The song is about how this life and everything in it (struggles, problems, money, success, etc.) is temporary but that long after it’s all gone, God will still remain. I can’t wait to put this new one in between your ears!

A few weeks back we made a new friend at Agape Fest named Kendsay. She makes a mean duck tape wallet! If you want her to make one for you, just send her and email and see about buying one from her ( Here’s a Philmont themed one she made and had us sign.

In other Philmont-related-creativity news, I’ve been meaning to post this video for weeks now! It made me giggle pretty hard when I watched it so please check it out. Growing up I used to make videos like this all the time with my friends (this was back before YouTube days and we would shared our video files through AIM file share….I’m old)

That’s it from me. Until next week…



  1. Wow…that wallet is really cool. I kinda want it. One of my friends at school is really good with duct tape and she actually made a dress out of duct tape and wore it to school. And who is that in the video? It’s hilarious by the way. :] And the kitty is SOO small and really cute. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Sarah ( I looooove you guys!!!!! )
    • Posted June 5, 2010 at 3:48 AM
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    Can’t wait for the new song guys!!!! As for that video…… LOL LOL!!! XD oh my goodness goly gee that was beyond awesome!!!!!!

  2. Hey Scott! Occasionally, I too really like to do some tough work. I once spent an entire week taking apart, sanding, painting, and reinstalling cabinets with my art teacher. Then the next week we painted murals in this huge house. It was tons of fun!
    I’m very excited about the new song, can’t wait to hear it! That duct-tape wallet is sweet!!! Aside from painting/drawing, I’m not very “handy” with my hands. Ah well…hmmm, I may order myself one.
    Psh, you’re not old. If you’re old, then I’m almost there (you’re three years older than me), and I refuse to acknowledge that. The video is pretty cute! I can’t say I’ve ever done anything like that, actually. My sisters did a Zac Efron cover But the one you posted is better, methinks.

  3. Can’t wait to hear the new song!

  4. I am really, really excited about the song!
    That wallet is amazing! Like Sara, I’m not very handy with my hands.. I can’t even paint/draw XD I’m good with music and photography but the line kind of stops there.
    The video was awesome! I’m suprised my brother never made one like that o.o

  5. Have fun in Nashville 🙂

  6. OMG!! im so excited about the new song! i just know its gonna be awesome . Loved the Duct Tape wallet it looked so cool , awesome video but who was the kid in it ?? lol its cool ur going to nashville..only a city or 2 from me YAY! lol Later 😀

  7. If you want one of the wallets notify me

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