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Today I got to sleep in. It was wonderful. Got up and made myself a bowl of Lucky Charms around 11 AM, now I am writing a blog, and waiting for my Polytune pedal to get here! FedEx tracking says it will be here today, I can’t wait! Seriously, if you play guitar, check this thing out, especially if you plan on buying a tuner pedal at some point.

Alright, I promise I’m not gonna blog about my dreams every week, because that’s kinda weird. But last night I dreamt that Philmont was flying to a show and we had to take a connecting flight first. Normal enough, right? Well, I got off the plane, then somehow got separated from the rest of the gang (this airport was connected to a mall, btw). It was then that I realized I had no idea what city we were in or when our next flight was. Panicking, I did the only logical thing I could think to do: I went to the video game store in the mall, sat down, and spent a considerable amount of time playing what seemed to resemble Super Mario 64.

All that to say: man, Super Mario 64 was a great game. In college, my dorm room was across from the lounge which had an enormous television, so my roommates and I would often take our video game consoles over there and spend…considerable amounts of time mashing buttons to the tune of games like Super Mario 64. Looking back, it seems about 70% of my collegiate experience was video games and pizza, nothing more. Sounds cliché, but…well, that’s how it was! Fun times…

HEY! If you know anyone who is in the market for a delay pedal or a tuner pedal (err…not the one I mentioned before…the one I’m replacing) send them to my eBay auctions! and

I just started a book called “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan. I have a good feeling about it.

My nice girlfriend got me a big box of Reese’s Pieces yesterday from this place called Ollie’s that she keeps talking about. Apparently they have a lot of great deals; I need to check it out. Anyway, to return a favor I took her out to the local driving range to hit some golf balls. Turns out she’s naturally just as good as me! Not that I’m good, I am actually pretty terrible, but it was fun nonetheless. We then went to the $1 movie theater to see Alice in Wonderland – 1st time for her, 2nd time for me. I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot more this time around. I also realized just how much I slept through the first time, which I’m sure had a detrimental effect on my opinions. But yeah, good day.

As you’ve read from the others, next week we are Nashville-ing it up for our first “official” recording session in almost two years! Official because this is much more than just a demo, it is going to be our next radio single. Get excited, I know I am!

Happy June, everyone! Three songs for you.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Remember to Breathe” by Dashboard Confessional

2. “Here Comes Your Man” by Pixies

3. “Rock n’ Rule” by Emery




  1. Dude why is the polytune pedal so special?? Im just wondering?!?!

  2. How on earth do you sleep until 11?!! I can’t sleep in like that at all. Even if I wanted to.

    I looked up the pedal, and wow!!! That’s something I’ll have to look into after next year. I’m kind of not allowing myself to buy anything right now. : )

    Any game on the N64 is a good game as far as I’m aware of. I’ve never played a bad one!

    I can’t wait for the new music!


  3. Yay Josiah!!! I’m a guitar nerd, and that is SUPER awesome!!! I want one… where did you get your’s?

  4. Carl Sagan? wrong decision dude…

  5. i love super mario 64 i still have it. I have the whole nintendo 64 console and like a ton of games for it =P i cant wait to hear the new music..ugh i cant stand waiting lol jk ttyl bye

  6. Maaaann, I LOVE sleeping in (I think the longest I’ve ever slept – solidly – was 20 hours). Sadly, it almost never happens. *cries* Oh hey, I love Lucky Charms too! So did your pedal arrive? I love tracking packages in the mail!! I think it heightens the excitement. I feel sorry for the pioneers.

    Eeep, I dislike traveling dreams, mine always scare me to death (because I HAVE gotten separated from my group in airports…mostly in Japan or Hong Kong)! Glad yours turned nice though, playing video games. The only video game (with a console) that I’ve played was Halo, I only played one level and I was pretty much yelling the whole time. I can’t do it!

    I’m pretty terrible at golf too…and I haven’t yet seen Alice In Wonderland, I suppose I should hurry up and do that before it’s out of theaters. And I’m PREETTYYY excited about ya’lls new single!! Thanks for the update!

  7. the pedal is in! and it is the bomb dot com!!

    i got mine off an eBay seller for $80. ebay is the way to be.

    Sara – have you ever seen Home Alone 2? sounds like they based the premise on your airport experiences.

    Jonathan – elaborate?


  8. I love eBay, it is the most dangerous place for me in the world. And yes, I have seen Home Alone 2!! Haha, you’re right, Josiah!! Thankfully I’ve never been forgotten, just lost.

  9. Super Mario Bros 64…haha my sisters and I got that game in 2000 and we thought that we were all up in the times. I still have it and play it on occasion…and my dreams are never that awesome. Seriously, a concert on a plane, which is out of an airport, which is connected to a mall…haha! Hope that your dreams stay awesome and that your week goes well! And I like Dashboard Confessional…none of my friends have ever heard of them though. =P

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