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Hey Everyone!
So we’re back in Charlotte after 2 weeks of fun and shows! I had a great time! Especially in Florida! We hit up the beach in Jacksonville the morning before we left and it was beautiful! So great! I had a bit of a rough past few days though. I got dehydrated the night after burnie got a flat and I’m still workin’ on getting better! We had a killer show last night in Cottondale, AL. Although I was sick and a bit exhausted, I had a great time and it was a great show to end this 2 weeks of traveling. We have a few days off before our next show. I’ll be hangin’ in Charlotte with Scott and Britt! We are hittin’ up a festival called Speed Street saturda. Its essentially a few days where they shut down downtown and basically get ready for the Coca Cola 600 Nascar race! There will be a TON of Nascar related booths and vendors which will be amazing! Pat Benetar is playing saturday night, so I’m hoping to catch a bit of that show!!
Real quick, I’d like to give a shout out to my bro’s over at LEGIONNAIRE ARMY! They hooked the boys in Philmont up with some amazing gear! Be sure to check out there website at and get some gear!!!




  1. glad to hear that you got better after being dehydrated! That probly wasn’t the best, playing in a show where you’re water-deprived and extremely tired. Especially when you have to play the drums. 😛 Have a great week and I hope that the show goes well!

  2. Exciting to hear Florida was so great for you guys! But complete bummer about being dehydrated and sick.

    When my mom had cancer a couple of years ago, there was once when some combination of her meds and dehydration made her slightly amnesiac. We were having lunch and she kept repeating herself. Once we realized what was going on and pointed it out, all of us had a blast whenever she repeated herself. We would giggle and say, “Mom, you already said that.” Then she’d laugh and say, “I did? Awesome.” And then the story would repeat itself in about 5 minutes…

    That festival sounds preeetttyyy cool!! Glad you get to be there for it and see it! Oooh, and looks pretty neat! I can’t wait to check it out further when I get home (since I’m at work). Thanks for the update and hope your weekend is awesome! Praying for ya’ll!

  3. Keep drinking your water, JRMZ! 🙂

  4. awww sorry u we’re sick , hope ur feeling a lot better now though =D awesome post!!
    bye for now =D

  5. hey jeremi!! i just wanted to let you know im singing “letters to the editor” for my school talent show this thursdayyy at lexington middle school in lexington,nc. this thursdayy!! im soo stoked!! ill be thinking of you guyys!! i love youuuuu! 🙂 love, hannah.

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