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Yesterday I rode a bike. Turns out it’s just like people say.

We have some awesome festivals coming up that I am excited about (most excited about Ichthus, Sonshine, and Spirit West Coast). We are gonna be traveling all over the country, so please please check out our tour dates on Myspace or iLike and come see us! On top of that, we are going to be…dun dun dun…recording a new radio single very soon! We are super excited to go up to Nashville and work with our buddy Matt Arcaini on this new project; be on the lookout for updates on that.

I had a dream last night that there was this tree following me around who wanted to marry me. She was a nice tree, but I don’t think I could have loved her. She seemed like the kind of girl who would just get up and leaf one day…

LOST is over. With plenty of subject material and storylines open for discussion, the tale of the castaways has come to a close on the TV screen. Three years ago, Scott convinced me to watch the first season of Lost, and I loved it, so I watched the first three seasons in about a month in order to catch up to the then-airing fourth season. Within 6 months after that, we managed to suck both Justin and Todd into our Lost circle as well; each of them watched the first four seasons in our off-time. Then when Josh came along, we pressured him until he gave in and watched all of seasons 1-5 in record time. Todd left the band, and we found Jeremi, who conveniently had seen most of the whole series up to that point. All that to say, the past few months have found all of Philmont enjoying the final season of this epic show together, and though we all have different feelings and thoughts about the finale, it has been a great source of entertainment and conversation for all of us, and will no doubt continue to be. So, thanks Lost.

Something fun that I do on the road sometimes, if we have an off day and wireless internet, is play a game of online Scrabble with my mom! She’s a smart lady, so she often beats me, but it’s still fun. I play my dad occasionally as well, but he is no match for me.

For the past couple years I’ve pretty much been in the same place as far as my guitar skills go; I wasn’t really trying to improve or learn new things. Well, as I’ve been looking around for new amps and pedals, I’ve watched a lot of videos of really good guitarists demo-ing such gear, and I’ve noticed a major problem with my playing style. I’ve formed a habit of placing my right-hand pinky on the guitar’s body below the strings as I play riffs and palm-muted parts; it is almost like a crutch on which I balance my hand when I play. But it is poor form, so I have been gradually working on it during shows. So if you hear me play a flub note next time you see Philmont, I’M WORKING ON IT OKAY!

This is my 37th blog, and 37 just happens to be my favorite two-digit number, no joke. My favorite number of all time is 357. I don’t know why, it’s just always seemed like a powerful number to me.

Alright well, I’m about done with this bliggity-blog. Just to clarify, I really did have that tree girl dream last night; that story was not just a fictitious setup for my hilarious pun. It was a strange dream. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? Hope you all have a great week.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “156” by Mew

2. “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down” by New Found Glory

3. “Emily” by From First to Last




  1. Haha, last night, I dreamt my father drove through my friends house by accident, and I befriended a talking beaver, who was upset about humans polluting the earth. XD
    I think it;s awesome that you have a favorite number. My favorite number is 17. 😀

  2. That would be about ninjas (my dream). And apple pie. Totally random dreams are awesome!
    Goodbye, LOST. It was wonderful knowing you and watching you every week.
    Hope to see you guys in August, Jo! 🙂

  3. Crazy, I do the exact same thing with my pinky. Guess I’ll be working on that too. So stoked to see you guys at Ichthus!!

  4. I once had a dream that I was being forced to guard a watertower with a kid from my school…we were told that if we didn’t guard it, all the people would storm it and the world would end.

    ANYWAYS, that’s funny how everyone in the band gradually grew to love that awesome show…I’m depressed now that there is nothing to watch. But my #2 show is Psych, so that’s all good. :]

    I’d like to know what it is with moms and scrabble. My mom is like THE BEST at scrabble. She will make up words then show them to me in the dictionary…she’s sooo good at it and it makes me mad.

    Have a great week, and good luck on correcting that pinky!! :]

  5. haha! Josiah, thanks for making me laugh! I’m excited for Sonshine fest too!

    Actually my strangest dream had you guys in it! Not even kidding! All of you were in it and we were playing hide and seek while running away from Todd, because he was mad or something! and strange things kept happening that dont happen in real life(things flying away, etc…) It was kinda weird…haha! :]

  6. that was one random blog…but very entertaining!:) i had a dream when i was little that the snow monster from rudolf the red nosed reindeer was under my bed and it really freaked me out! lol

  7. I once had a dream my nose was an onion and I plucked it off my face and cut it in to slices. But it was ok, it didn’t hurt and I knew it would grow back… It was white onion… I had no context in the dream; I don’t know why my nose was an onion or why I was sliceing it, the background was all black. It was weird, kind off like what Yoko Ono would dream about…I’m glad you are working on your guitar skills. You are a wonderful guitarist already but you should try to be the best. I am so excited for the new single! when do you expect to have it for sale on iTunes?

  8. I liked the dream/pun! 🙂 It made me smile!

  9. Omg i have strange dreams all the time ,none of them ever make any sense but their always cool =P i love having weird dreams they Rock! lol awesome blog , bye for now =D

  10. single will be out to radio by mid-summer, available to buy sometime after…

    Kelsey, your dream sounds oddly similar to the ultimate premise of Lost. coincidence?

    Kyle, good to know i’m not alone. we are super pumped for Ichthus as well!

  11. Your dream made me laugh. Hmm, I don’t know if I can recall one singular weird dream that stands out from the rest. Our brains, when we’re asleep, can come up with the strangest stuff. I have had several dreams from which I awake laughing out loud and that’s always fun. I do have recurring dreams (over a span of several years), that always evolve a little bit every time I have them. Those are interesting to dream.

    Anyways. I need to get caught up on LOST, I’ve only seen the first three seasons. I got so confused afterward. And I’ve never played Scrabble. Seems to be mostly an American game (I am American, I just grew up overseas…). As I have yet to see you guys perform live (and I am not a musician), I doubt I would catch a flub note, so you’re safe there. But I still admire the fact that you’re working on becoming a better musician. And I don’t think I have a favorite number…hmm.

  12. Punny, Josiah, very punny!

    The other day i dreamed i was at work and they kept asking me to make ice cream, but when i’d get up to make it, all the lights would be off and i couldn’t see anything so i’d go back to where i was sitting and try to go back to sleep. I kept waking up sitting up in my bed. I’m pretty sure i was talking in my sleep too. This happened at least 4 times in one night! It was pretty wierd!!

  13. yea im veeeeeryyy blond soo i didnt get that hilarious pun…until i read it aloud!!!! 🙂 then i was ROLLIN!! good pun, buddy!! 😀 loved it. well when i was like ten, i was OBSESSED with those mario gameboy games!! i had a freaky dream that mario and luigi were like trying to kill me…:O very weird. anyways, good luck with that radio thingg!! love you! hannah 🙂

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