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Hi again.

We’ve been pretty busy this past week and I love it. I write to you now in Georgia where we’re spending a couple of days with Brittany’s family. I love them, this is my first opportunity to get to stay here and we’re having a blast. Jeremi, Scott, Justin and I just got back from a local skatepark and it was so much fun. We’re really not very good, but it’s still a good time. It was an air-conditioned, indoor park so got to skate a lot longer without getting too exhausted. I was so impressed by the way some of the kids there were skating, I wish I had caught some of it on video to show you guys.

Saturday we had the privilege to open up for The Almost and I won’t lie I was pretty excited the whole night. All of the members of the band are such nice guys and so on fire for God. It was great to be able to hang out and share the stage with guys I’ve looked up to for a while.

I don’t know how many of you are into LOST, but we’ve been for a while and as of Sunday it’s all over. We didn’t get to watch it until last night and there definitely were some mixed feelings among us about the way it ended. I won’t go into any detail about anything that happened incase any of you haven’t been able to catch it yet, but I will be watching it all over again with my brother starting from season 1!

I hope the rest of the week goes well for you all and I will see you again next Tuesday! Oh and for anyone who has an iPhone or iPod touch, you really should check out a game call Doodle Jump. It’s only $0.99 and such a great game. Josiah and I have been playing nonstop for a few days now.





  1. haha! You made me laugh with the Doodle Jump thing at the end! :]

  2. YAY, JOSH! Great hearing from you! 🙂 The questions are:
    1) Who was awesomest at the park?

  3. Sounds like you are able to relax now…glad to hear that you were able to FINALLY watch LOST. I was kinda (okay really) sad to see it all end…haha my sister and I are gonna watch it all over again too! And I hope that your time with Brittany and her family goes really well. One of my friends has the Doodle Jump game…it is ridiculously fun in the way that you can’t stop playing and want to break your iPod in half when you lose. :] Have an awesome week!

  4. Being busy can be pretty fun! 😀 I’ve never actually seen anyone skateboard in a skatepark, but it sounds pretty cool, especially if it’s inside! 😀
    I haven’t seen a LOST episode since season 3, I’m intensely curious about this finale though, so I’ve a mind to go back and start at season 1 and watch them through. Josiah has been posting on Twitter about the doodlejump thing, I’m tempted to get it, but I’m fairly sure I’ll be hooked if I do. Which isn’t always a good thing for me! Haha!!
    What does “Lata” mean?

  5. Thats so cool that u guys went skating , i bet u did better then me at it, im sure u we’re able to stay on the board(unlike me) lol hope everything is going great for u see ya later =D p.s. awesome post =D

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