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Hello gang

This week has been amazing. We’ve been down in hot sunny Florida just having the best of times. Twice we had great hotels on the beach, one on the gulf and yesterday on the Atlantic. So we’ve been beach bummin it up quite a bit. It’s been a scorcher everywhere we went, while our bus Burney’s AC in the front hasn’t been working properly, the rear AC feels like a freezer.

We had some great shows, we got to do an amazing event with The Almost, it was awesome to be able to meet Aaron Gillespie and his great band, but the worship that went on that night was incredible and inspiring. Kids there were on fire and sang so loud to the praise and worship music. It was a great ending to an awesome day.
on our way to our last Florida show in Jacksonville, I was driving through Orlando and we got flagged down that our front bus tire was flat. I had no clue, I would kept driving luckily we pulled off a few hundred yards in front of another guy who broke down and he was so helpful, lending us a Jack and helping us with everything. We ended up getting the bus jacked up and Scott rode with a nice policeman to get a new tire then we hit the road again.

We played at Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville which is a great place and can’t wait to get back and play there again. We missed out on the LOST finale and are all gathered around the tube watching it now. So silence your cell phones and please no talking, the show is about to start folks.

ps. There might be some misspelling because I typed this on my touch. 🙂



  1. Glad to hear Florida was nice! I’ve never been there. 🙂 Haha, so was everyone crowded in the back (except the driver) for the AC? I also, have yet, to break down whilst on the road…not looking forward to it. Sooo, what are your thoughts on LOST? I actually haven’t seen an episode since the season 3 finale, I got so confused with it all. 😉 I need to start at the beginning and watch them again.

  2. Yay Justin! It’s great to hear from you! I’m really glad that your trip to Florida was so awesome! The Almost is a great band… I really hope to see them soon.
    OH NO! Y’ALL MISSED LOST?! That surprises me beyond belief! 🙂 I haven’t watched it either, so I can’t give anything away! 🙂
    I’m glad y’all got the tire fixed! When I read Twitter, I started praying for you guys! 🙂 Glad it made it through!
    Miss y’all and see you soon!

  3. thats so great that u had such an awesome time in florida and happy u guys got the tire fixed =D ,to be honest lol ive never seen any lost episodes, but its cool u got to watch the final that u have been waiting on =D so *thumbs up* have a wonderful week =)

  4. Florida = sauna! lol Maybe I’m just too comfy on the sunny, DRY West Coast…I dunno. I’ve been to Florida and I can honestly say that was enough 😉 lol glad you guys are doing well. GBU

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