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Wow! What a couple of beautiful days it has been. With last minute show cancellations this past week could have been a disaster but, instead, we’ve been blessed with a pretty amazing week.
We’ve been able to see a lot of Florida friends, family and familiar faces. We played a show in Homestead at the movie theater and it was a blast. I feel like we should have been selling tubs of popcorn at the merch table though.

We got to visit our friends at Call FM and jump on air to help them with their summer fund raiser. We did have one caller call in and commit to a donation while we were on the air so I’d like to go ahead and take complete credit for it! The station has been a huge supporter of the band for a while now so it’s great to be able to give back to them in any way we can.
Another way they helped us was by putting out an email blast to a bunch of area churches letting them know that we had shows fall through and that we needed a place to play/stay/eat. This resulted in a last minute lock-in show in Cape Coral, FL. The youth pastor for the show put us up in a fantastic hotel right on Fort Myers Beach! We’ve been soaking up the sun and splashing about in the pool for the last couple of days.

I gotta be honest- This job doesn’t pay a whole lot but the perks are AMAZING!
We spent a good bit of today walking the beach. We made up a game called “will Josh pick it up”. Turns out there’s not a whole lot out there our little Josh won’t hold in his hands! We got him to pick up a giant crab, some squids, some weird brain-like coral thing and if that pesky stingray wasn’t so allusive he would have picked that up too!

While I’m not stoked to leave the beach tomorrow morning I’m very excited to head up to Tampa and play a show with The Almost tomorrow night!
Until next week.
Enjoy the bloggings!



  1. Well, even if the pay isn’t great, it is an awesome job to get to travel all over! You guys are so fortunate to travel around and use your talents for God…I’m glad that your trip was awesome and the game sounds like fun…what Josh picked up doesn’t suprise me. :] That hotel location looks beautiful. I’m jealous! Have a great weekend!

  2. Soooo jealous! Why couldn’t I be in a band?? Josh has been picking strange things up for as long as I can remember. Ask him to tell you about the time he picked up a number two and PUT IT IN HIS POCKET!! haha! Glad you guys are having fun and enjoying the scenery. God keep you all safe. Love you!

  3. Nice!! It’s always amazing what God can surprise you with! 😀 Haha, Josh sounds like my younger brother, doing stuff no-one else might…example, my brother recently filmed the extraction of two of his ingrown toenails (only had general anesthesia, so he was awake for it). Yuck!!
    On a different note, I love it that the “Philmont Moms” post on here too! 😀 Oh, and Scott, like I told Josh, when you guys are around the DFW, TX area, you’ve got a standing invitation for a free meal from me. FYI.
    Glad your week turned out well! Praying for you guys!

  4. Florida!! woohoo lol =P hope ur having tons of fun there byeeee for now …Oh! p.s bring me back some sea shells lol

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