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Hey guys!

Sorry I’m late, but I still wanted to recap you all on some of what’s been going on. This weekend we had a couple of local shows and those are always fun to play, it’s nice to be able to have family and friends come out and watch and hang out for a while. They went great and we were able to be home at a decent hour too! I am writing to you now from a rooftop in Miami, Florida. I’ve only been out here a couple of times and it’s one of my favorite places that I’ve traveled to. We’ve got a pretty busy week ahead of us, some pretty exciting shows coming up. Tonight we played in a movie theater in Homestead, Fl for the second time and it was just as much fun as the first. We made some new friends and we all went to McDonald’s afterwards for some grub and to hang out for a little while before heading to the hotel.

Some exciting news for me! I recently made the transition from PC to Mac and I’m loving it. I still don’t know a lot about everything it’s capable of, but Brittany, Scott and Jeremi are all Mac users and they’re patiently helping me through it.

I’ve been off the road for too long now, so it’s nice to be out with the guys (and girl) again. Check out our myspace and if we’re coming anywhere near you we’d love for you to come out to the show and hang out with us for a little while. We have an off-day tomorrow so we’re going to try and head to the beach for a while and catch some sun and some waves and relax for a while. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and I will see you all next week, (hopefully on Tuesday) until then make sure you follow us on twitter. Later!




  1. Rooftop in Miami?? Glad you’re having fun. Be careful in that ocean and watch out for those sharks! Love you!

  2. Awesome, i was in Miami last year, had a pretty cool time , hope ur having fun =D

  3. I wish that I was on a rooftop in Miami. I am in history class right now…blah. Hope that everything is peaceful and fun while you are down there! And Macs are like made in heaven. :] Have a great week/weekend!

  4. Rooftops are FFUUNN!! Have you ever slept on a roof? That’s pretty fun too, as long as you know you’re not going to roll off. MACs are the BEST! I used them at school for two years, then I got one, and now I use one at work. So I haven’t personally used a PC in…well…probably 4 years. Which means, when I am tech support for my PC friends…let’s just say it’s getting a little more difficult to tell them where to look and what to click.
    Enjoy the ocean, I miss living so close to it. Hey, when you guys are here in Texas (around the DFW area), know that you’ve got a free meal via me. Seriously. What’s ya’lls collective favorite place to eat?

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