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We are in Florida! Much like we were a few months ago. And it is still warm. Last time we were here we played a great show in the city of Homestead in a little movie theater. Well, today we are playing that same movie theater again, but in a bigger room this time (the last one got filled up real quick). It should be a great time!

LOST was awesome last night. Here, with the series finale in sight, it finally feels like everything is coming to its conclusion. Most of this season has not felt very final-season-ish, but now it does. Safe to say I’m stoked for the finale. Speaking of which, the series finale airs this Sunday May 23rd, and we actually have a show that night! Yikes!! So we are going to have to pretty much shut off all connection to the world via the internet, Twitter, text messages, etc… that night until we can find somewhere to watch it the next day! If anyone ruins anything for me, I will see to it that you never get hired in this town again…or something.

I’ve bought a good bit of clothes (that were on sale) in the past few months, and it’s kinda nice because I feel like I have pretty much everything I need for the higher-temperatured times that are now upon us, and I don’t need to buy anything else for a while. Which is great, because I am currently planning out some upgrades to my guitar rig. If you are curious, here are some of the things I am considering – Egnater Renegade amp, TC Electronic Nova Delay, and the TC Electronic PolyTune.

Justin and I just installed a set of rope lights along the perimeter of Burnie’s ceiling; they are great for keeping some nice soft lighting when it’s dark and we are driving. No more wondering whether the Chewy bar I just grabbed is Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin, you know what I mean?

New albums from Anberlin and House of Heroes coming in August, I believe. I am excited for those. I wasn’t too thrilled with New Surrender (Anberlin’s latest offering), but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they can deliver something that is on par with Cities (one of my all-time favorite albums from this decade).

Well, I hope you all are enjoying the warmth of the season, and I hope you all will check out our touring schedule and see if we are coming your way any time soon. We do have a good bit of stuff in the works for all over the US, so keep yourself informed! Have a great week.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Celia’s Dream” by Slowdive

2. “When You Sleep” by My Bloody Valentine

3. “Excuses” by Minus the Bear




  1. I did like ‘New Surrender’, but that’s the only album of Anberlin that I know. I’m going to check if they sale ‘Cities’ somewhere here right after I finished this message.
    Enjoy the tour through the States en come to Holland soon :)!

  2. Hope ur loving Floria !!! awesome post by the way lol =D

  3. Hope that your show goes well and that it isn’t over-packed. And shopping is always exciting. Have a great week!

  4. heyy you! ughh i hate missing my fave tv shows…especially american idol =( ahha, but its okay because tim urban is off and the show is now totally pointless!! he is the bester…est. =) but yea, have funn in florida! hoping to see you again veeeery soon!! 😀 good luck! love you all! 🙂 love, hannah deal.

  5. “I hope you all will check out our touring schedule and see if we are coming your way any time soon.”

    You’re not coming to North Dakota… hint, hint.

  6. I’m seriously impressed with people that have kept up with LOST, I got so…confused. 🙂 I need to watch them again. Haha, I haven’t a clue as to what those upgrades you listed are! Jamey Ice (from Green River Ordinance) posted a YT video ( about his touring rig…I felt like I was listening to a foreign language. 😀
    Hmmm, lights in the car sound pretty chill! I do that to my room though, string lights up. Stoked for you guys to come to Texas in August! Hey, how do you decide which three songs to put up? Just ones you like in general or ones you’ve just discovered or…?

  7. Bri – we are coming to Hills Alive Festival in South Dakota! that’s gonna be a great fest, you should consider making the trip

    Sara – a lot of times the songs are ones that I’ve recently discovered or have been listening to a lot. But sometimes i draw blanks and have to scroll through my iPod to find a good one lol!


  8. Oh that’s cool! Well I think it’s pretty neat that you post a list…gives us some fresh music. Thanks!

  9. Yeah, I know, and I’d love to go to Hills Alive (or Sonshine), but my parents won’t allow it. Maybe if you come back to one of those festivals next year, I’ll be able to since I’ll be off at college.

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