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I have been quite the busy little bee this week!
When we’re not on tour, instead of relaxing at home, I always find myself spending about %90 of the day still working on something for Philmont (usually totally unrelated to music). That’s just the kind of person I am though– I always have to be doing something.

This week my first task was to do some Philmont fund raising! We have a whole slew of drum cases that we’re not using so I threw all those bad boys up on Ebay. I’m happy to say that they all sold for about %70 of their original value which is pretty fantastic. Now comes the task of shipping them 😦 One item of ours that I sold that I was NOT willing to ship was our ping pong table. For those of you who don’t know, Philmont played a post-prom party last year where some kid won this brand new table in a raffle. He didn’t want it so we convinced him to give it to us in exchange for a bunch of merch. Since no one had room, it’s lived at my parents house ever since- a year later we’ve decided that the cash would benefit us more right now so I put it up on Craig’s List and sold it to a Chiropractor from SC.

In addition to “yardsaling” stuff I’ve been working up a new promotional DVD for Philmont. Since we have all of these fancy new pictures (see facebook) I worked up all new DVD menus and DVD packaging. The DVDs will be sent to promoters and youth pastors who book us for a show. There isn’t anything on there you couldn’t find on YouTube but now it’s in a pretty package. The only way for you to get your paws on one is to have your youth pastor book a show then steal (or borrow) the DVD from him! (so don’t ask where you can buy one!)

In exciting and completely unrelated to Philmont news. My brother Tim and his wife Tyler had their first baby early on Friday morning! His name is Talan Nathan Taube (find him on Facebook….just kidding) and he’s one cute little dude.
We got to go see them at the hospital yesterday and I got to hold him. He has very soft hair!
This takes the number of people in this world calling me “Uncle Scott” up to two. I think it has a nice ring to it.

Oh! One last bit of exciting news before I go. We have a couple of Florida dates coming up this week. One of them, that was booked for a long time, fell through at the last minute which was a total bummer. However, now we get the opportunity to open for The Almost on that date at a show just north of Tampa! We’re all super stoked! Details up soon!

That’s it for me- maybe you’ll get a video blog next week. We’ll see how you behave until then 🙂



  1. Congrats, Uncle Scott! hahaha. I bet you’ve never been called that before …
    You are just a busy little bee, always working hard :] I’m glad to see hard work is paying off, and thats awesome you guys get to open for The Almost! Wish I could see it.

  2. Congratulations!! I know that every time my brother has kids it’s so exciting…there is such a joy in being called “Auntie Kelsey”. :] Must be nice, booking all these shows in lovely Florida. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Congratulations!! I know that every time my brother has kids it is so exciting for my sisters and I…there is such a joy in being called “Auntie Kelsey”. :] Must be nice, booking all these shows in lovely Florida. Have a nice weekend!

  4. cool! He is super cute! I have an “Uncle Scott” too! :]

  5. congrats Uncle Scott! I wish I could see the DVD. Sounds great!

  6. Congratulations on becoming an uncle! How exciting to welcom a new member of the family. And congratulations to the city of Charlotte for opening the Nascar hall of fame. A new addition to your city to match the new addition to your family. 🙂

  7. Hey Scott!
    Meant to comment earlier, but I was in Iowa for the weekend to see a concert…lost my voice, barely ate, had no sleep, and in general had a blast. But anyways. Yay, I love Ebay! It is probably the most dangerous place for me in the world. DVD sounds cool! And yay for the little tot! I love baby hair. 🙂 Have fun at the concerts, wish I could be in Florida, it’s kinda boring right now in TX.
    ~ Sara

  8. awww youre an uncle!!! congrats!! he is SO adorable 🙂

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