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Good morning!
I hope everyone is doing well this morning. I’m waiting for my flight to take off from Pittsburgh so I thought I would get this blog going now. I’m heading back to Charlotte today so me and the rest of the bro’s can get back to rockin’. I will admit though, I’m bummed out to be leaving! Its never easy saying “see you soon” to Britt and my family. I’ve been doing this for 4 years now and its still just as hard as the first time! One thing I’ve learned to not take for granted is my time with loved ones. I never know when I’ll get to return home, so making sure that my time isn’t wasted is so important. I will say that this time around was awesome. I got to see so many family members, including my 91 year old great grandmother, Bernice. I love her so stinkin’ much and seeing her is always amazing!

Since my last post I haven’t been up to a whole lot. I did get to go watch my lil bro play bass at a show! He plays for a killer artist named Brian Campbell. Check him out! The show was at this amazing locally owned coffee shop about 30 minutes away from me. It was so rad! Its always fun to watch my bro play shows. I like to think he’s taking after me in some small way, but he wont ever admit it! hahaha

Other than that, I pretty much watched hockey playoffs and stayed inside. It was like 40 degrees all week. It actually snowed Sunday……thats right….snowed. Oh, before I forget, I would ask that you remove your hats with me and have a moment of silence for my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins, as they are no longer in the playoffs……………………………………………………………………thank you. (hahahah)

Well, sorry if this is a lame post! I pretty much didn’t do anything but hang out with Britt and watch hockey!
I promise next week will be better!




  1. Even though you think its not that exciting, we still love to read it! Thanks JRMZ! :]

  2. awesome bolg ! but wheres the cool name thingy at the end with a picture ?

  3. NOTE: I started my reply to you this morning…hence the greeting. 🙂

    Morning Jeremi!
    I love traveling…but I ALWAYS hate the goodbyes. I can’t tell people enough, to treasure the time they have with their families. I’ve been away from mine for 2, almost 3 years, half of them are on the other side of the world and I only see them at Christmas. 😦 I miss them a lot, so I def understand here. I think family is just awesome.
    It’s also pretty great to just relax! Glad you got to do it WITH your family!! Crazy that you guys got snow, esp in May. Huh. Admittedly, I’m not a sports fanatic, but I DID read about the Pens the other day. Points for me? 🙂 And, not a lame post…we enjoy hearing from you guys! I know it’s like, been hours, but I hope your flight went well.
    ~ Sara

  4. ur post wasnt lame , we loved reading it =D

  5. Well, you surely cheared me up 🙂 But where’s your picture-thing with name at the end of the blog :(?

  6. I’m not much for hockey but I do love football. :] Hope that everything was smooth for your flight!! And that’s awesome, you got to see your Great-Grandmother Bernice (the name alone makes it the best). Hope that you are able to see your fam and Britt soon. Have a nice weekend!! :]

  7. heyy!! well that was sooo not lamee i love reading your posts!! ahha, hockeys rad!! my fam lives in pittsburg soo im always so stoked to go up there!! but its sooo stinkin cooold!! 😦 haha, im sure you got a nice taste of that cold weather 🙂 anyways, i love you jeremi!! 😀

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