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Hello gang!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week/weekend. Also I hope everyone told their mothers that you love them. It was a great sunny Mothers day here in NC, me and pops busted out our bikes and went on a trek around the hood for a couple of miles or so.

It was my first voyage on my old school bike that I spent all last week fixing up, sanding and re-painting.

I found this beauty as someone was throwing it away. I couldnt stop thinking of how cool it would be to fix it up and bring it on the road with Philmont, as we are wanting to upgrade our trailer to a bigger one and bring a few BMX bikes for our own pleasure. My workshop was a pool table in my basement and tons of tools like my trusty electric sander for all the rust.

So now I have my whip ready to hit the country, time to see what bikes the other boys and girl decide to roll out with.

All I need now is a rear white-wall tire and white handle bar grips and I’ll be set!

Enjoy your week everyone!




  1. this is awesome! I had a great weekend!! I can’t believe someone would throw something that beautiful away! Purple’s my fave!! This bike totally suits you!!
    A name…
    Royalty? hahaa, you know how purple is associated with Royalty?? (:
    Have a great week Justin! (:

  2. That’s one sweeeeet bike, Justin! I grew up in a third-world country and I seriously don’t get all the stuff that people throw away these days. Kudos to you for salvaging!
    Hey, are these photos in your sigs the ones from the new photoshoot? They’re nice!
    ~ Sara

  3. I am a fan of the bike. Purple is my favorite color, hands down. And that bike seat is awesome. And you are using this as a BMX…? Baha.

    Have a great week, Justin and all the other dudes!!! :]

  4. Name it…Achilles. haha I dunno…Phiter? Maybe? Who knows.

  5. That is one sweet bike. I’m terrible at coming up with names though. Ransom possibly? haha

  6. cool! 🙂 you should call it Mike the Bike! haha! I dont even know! I’m strange! :]

  7. Wow that bike is amazing! Too bad you didn’t post a ‘befor’ photo, so we would be able to see how much time you spent on it 😛

  8. I’m thinkin’ Mimi would be a good name

  9. Name it Grimace – after the big purple McDonalds dude. Matches your shirt in your signature picture..niiiiiiiiiiice.

  10. hey justin! i am loving that bike, man!haha, im hannah. i met you guys at get revived, near lexington NC. josiah told me about your concert in jamestown, and im pleased to say i will be attending tonight!! xD i cant wait! i look forward to seeing your wonderful faces, and listening to yall rock my socks off- again!! well good luck, cant wait. tell the others good luck for me:) love bunches, hannah deal.

  11. heyy again justin! im happy to say i loved the concert last night. i love you guys!! you should deff visit elizabeths church soon, its mine too so i would loooove if you brought the gang to see us 🙂 loves!! hannah.

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