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What’s up blog viewers.

Hope you’ve enjoyed yet another week of Philmont blogs. As usual I have the task of rounding out the week which is kind of difficult because by Friday most of the blog worthy content has been covered. Luckily this week the boys left me one fun little story to tell you all by myself! (thanks guys)

So last weekend we played Agape Fest in Illinois (as you’ve heard). The festival was amazing (as you’ve heard). And the best part was that my little cousin Jon got to jump up on stage and rock out the bass during “The Difference”. He plays bass for his band called Tripwire and to my knowledge has been cleaning up house every time his middle school has a battle of the bands! I called him up a couple of months ago and asked if he wanted to jump up on stage with us and he gratefully accepted! If you’ve ever seen Mark Wahlberg in “Rockstar” during a VH1 “Movies that Rock” marathon…it was exactly like that!
Luckily I was able to catch this all on video! Enjoy!

Side note: Jon (my cousin) and Josh (our bass player) both look a lot like Justin Bieber. I wonder if Justin Bieber can play bass too…probably.
One last thing before I go-
We’re gonna start using these new blog signatures to help you put a name to the face to the blog! Clicking them will take you to that member’s Twitter!
Until next week…



  1. Hey Scott! Well, I guess sometimes it can be good to be the last one to say something (nobody can reply till Monday! ;D ) and you can summarize the week. 🙂
    SOOO awesome your cousin got to play with you guys! I’m seriously amazed by talented kids!! And you’re right, Jon and Josh DO look like Bieber! How funny…
    I love the idea of you guys using blog signatures! Esp ones that link to your twitters. Fun idea! Hope you guys have a great weekend!
    ~ Sara

  2. haha I bet that your cuz enjoyed the fame of getting pictures with all the girls. :] Looks like Agape Fest had a terrific turnout…I am happy for you guys! I wish that I could beatbox…oh well. Have a fantastic week/weekend!! :]

  3. you know scott, i’ve lived with Jon since he was born, and never really put it together that he looked like this Beiber kid until you put those photos next to each other. haha that’s awesome though.

    i’m sure he won’t forget about playing with a band on stage with other real bands and in front of a real crowd. kinda like i won’t forget playing with the Hazardous Pedestrians. hahahaha.

    come play to St. Louis. I got plenty of people that would die to see a Philmont concert!!!

    your cuz,

  4. Wow. Yet another “J” name…lol

  5. Like ‘us fans’ don’t know which face belongs to which name xD But this one looks very cool! I’m curious about the rest 🙂

  6. HAHAHAHA, yes they do look similar. (:
    your cousin Jon didn’t have a lot to say did he? lol..
    I’m glad you guys had fun! (:

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