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Hey everyone!

I’ve been back home in PA for a few days now and so far its been awesome!! Even though I’m not a huge fan of this area, its still always a great feeling to come back to my house and see my family! I Love it! Its been amazing catching up with everyone and spending some much needed time with Brittani!! There isn’t a ton to do in my town, so while everyone else is out working during the day, I pretty much sit out back and play with the dogs or shoot some hoops! (I actually played B-ball for like 6 years, but I’m terrible! hahaha)
The weather here has been killer the past few days!! Sunny and 70’s! Perfect! We did have a huge thunderstorm last night, but I loved it!! Nothing like falling asleep to pounding rain and thunder!!

We dont get many of these days in Northwest PA, but when we do, they are Beautiful!

I spent the day in Erie with Britt today! We ate a ton of sushi, went shopping, and even sat at the beach for a little bit! It was dangggg cold, but nice to look at!

Lake Erie ya'll!

I finished today with some new tattoo work from my boi VIC at INK A$$A$$IN$! So stoked!! Bro hooked me up!

This is the finished product! A lil somethin’ somethin’ for my Mom this Mothers Day! Being on the road makes it tough to get home for special dates, but I’ll be home for Mothers Day this year!! So stoked!
love you mom!!!

Well, thats all I’ve been up to! I’ll be heading back to Charlotte on the 13th and can’t wait to get back at it! Looking forward to this next month of shows in Florida! Gonna be so rad!!! Hopefully I’ll be running into some of you very soon!!! Be sure to go give your mothers a big hug and kiss and tell them you love them everytime you get the chance!




  1. I like your new tattoo. The “Mom” part is the best ever. I still personally like the treble clef best.

    And I am glad that you had fun with Brittani!! It’s good that you are able to be with family and close friends at home.

    Basketball is the best sport in the whole world. Just sayin. I am a captain for my school team, and it is the best eva!!!

    Looking forward to new blogs…hope your mom like the new ink!! :]

  2. P.S. loving the usage of exclamation points. I also like how you mentioned that you liked to use them in your first blog. :]

  3. It’s always good being home, I think. And thunderstorms are the BEST for sleeping in. Well, not IN, but during. 🙂
    Awww, the tat for your mom is sooo sweet! I also like your message for lovin’ on mothers. They deserve it!! My mom died three years ago, but I know she’s enjoying her eternal rewards!
    Thanks for writing in, enjoy your days off! Looking forward to seeing you guys here in Texas in August!
    ~ Sara

  4. Enjoyed reading your blog and always enjoy looking at pictures! And by the way, you’re a good son. I happen to have a couple of those myself! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  5. I LOVE going to sleep to the sound of thunder. That’s why I like summer in my area. We have thunderstorms weekly. 🙂
    I love the tat! I’m not a tattoo fan, but that one is really sweet!
    I’m with Kelsey. I loved seeing exclamation points at the end of all of your sentences!
    I’m hoping to get the youth pastor at my church to book you guys this fall, so I may be seeing you eventually!

  6. Your gf’s name is Brittani?! GOOD GRIEF whats up with you guys and the Britts?! lol

  7. Wow, you guys are really cranking out the blogs. It almost hard to keep up.

    At any rate. I’m going school next year in Pennsylvania. I’m migrating from the very corny (no pun intended) state of Illinois to get a college degree at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

    • Hey B to the Rad! Grove City College is only about 30 minutes from my house! I’m sure you’ll have fun there!

      – JRMZ

  8. Seriously, the only place where you haven’t used a ‘!’, is where you singed with JRMZ. That’s hilarious xD

  9. PA looks beautiful! Awesome tat JRMZ! I know the band misses you a ton, but I know it’s so cool for you to be able to go home and spend some time with your family and your girlfriend!
    Awesome blog!! (:

  10. Jrmz did not tell the significance of the “rose” tatoo. (so his mom will) He was very close to his grandmother (my mom) as he was her first grandchild. She use to watch anything he did, baseball games, dirtbike races, drums etc. She unfortunately passed away 9 years ago of bone cancer at the age of 54. Her name: “Rose”:)

  11. heyy jrmz!!! i just wanted to say that i comepletely enjoyed the concert in jamestown last nighhttt. i am loving your “the end” shirt!! it just so happens that every time i see you guys, your wearing that!! xD haha, what does it mean anyway? i asked josh and he had no clue! he also told me that you have you own clothing line, how could i get some? 🙂 mmm, i saw your zebra print seat and i looooved its!! i am personally a HUGE zebra print fan. anyway, the concert was amazingg, jrmz. i love youuuuu!!! ❤ good luck on tour!! best vwishes and god bless, hannah!! 😀

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