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Hello gang

Philmont just got home from a busy week of shows. We had a great time seeing old friends in the Kentucky, Indiana area. While Josh was away at prom we had our friend Matt Arcani fill in on the bass, but sadly while he was away his hometown of Nashville, TN was flooded. Luckily his home was unharmed but for many others the outcome wasnt so great. Nashville is in recovery mode so they need your prayers. Luckily we were able to bring Matt back to his house.

While I was driving Interstate 40 our single axle trailer decided to kick off one of his shoes. That was my first 65 mph tire blowout. Lucky for me there was a Tennessee state patrol behind us and he pulled over to help. He was a cool guy, we ended up changing the tire in record timing..true Philmont fashion.. then gave Mr. Lawman a Philmont CD.

Now were in the market for a bigger double axle trailer. Basically so we can put awesome BMX bikes inside.

Well, we have a few weeks home time to get my home cooked grub on!




  1. Hey Justin,
    Wow, I know…the pictures I’ve seen of the flooding are incredible! I’ve been through a few floods myself (I lived in the Philippines for 17 years) and they’re not pretty. Praying for all the folks there.
    I’ve luckily never had a tire blow on me, but I’m sure when it does, I’ll freak. Good job. 🙂 And thanks to God for watching out for you guys! Enjoy your home days, some friends and I are looking forward to you guys being in Texas in August!
    ~ Sara

  2. Yay Justin! You’re a hero! 🙂
    I’m really glad you guys made it home safe… and Matt got home safe too. Keeping you guys in my prayers! Can’ wait to meet you guys in August!


  3. That’s sad about your friend…I have seen the floods and that must be sad to see your town awash like that. Good to hear that you survived your tire blow…at least there was a dude that was able to help so fast!! That’s fun that you gave him a CD…he had better like it!!! Praying for you guys as you are on the road…enjoy the shows that you’ll be playing!!! :]

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