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Happy Cinco de Mayo. I considered typing up an all-Spanish blog post. Pero hacerlo necesito muchas horas y no tengo toda la dia…lo siento.

We played an unplugged acoustic show in Indianapolis on Sunday for our good friends at Fall Creek Baptist Church. It was a blast! The setlist included all the Philmont classics (lol), not to mention “The Terminal”, which have only played once before live, as well the debut of four new songs that we have written recently – “Shuttle Launch”, “The Last Song I Sing”, “You Will Remain”, and “I Don’t Need a Map, I Need a Globe”. Some of these songs may end up on our next release, some may not. We are still figuring out our next course of action. Meanwhile, we aren’t planning on playing these at upcoming shows as we haven’t learned them in a full band setting, plus we do not yet know their purpose. But if we play any more acoustic shows, maybe we will throw a couple in there. Until then, you will have to speculate on what these songs sound like! (unless someone who attended the acoustic show posts videos)…

I just had a Butterfinger candy bar. It was my favorite for all my childhood years, until around high school I realized the magic of 3 Musketeers, and I pretty much haven’t looked back since. I think it’s the simplicity that appeals to me. Another favorite of mine is the under-appreciated 5th Avenue. If you have never had one, you should really try it – it’s kind of a softer Butterfinger, but still crunchy.

Also this past weekend we played Agape Fest in Greenville Illinois for the first time. It was a really great festival, we got to hang with our friends This Beautiful Republic, Family Force 5, and Knapsackheroes; and made some new friends as well. Across from our merch table was a Christian jewelry / clothing company called Surrendered; I spent some time over there talking to their representative Mike about their company and their mission. When all was said and done, he hooked me up with a ring, on the house! So thanks Mike. On top of that, Justin, Jeremi, and Scott, all scored new skate decks from Crucified Skate Company!

So if you didn’t hear, Nashville got flooded this past weekend. I mean, like, cars and highways completely submerged kind of flooded. We saw pics and videos that looked absolutely devastating. Intimidating for us, because we had to figure out how to get our buddy / fill-in bassist Matt home (to Nashville) after this run of shows. God clearly saw our dilemma, because despite our doubts, we decided to go straight through Nashville to drop him off, and we saw not one drop of water the entire way! The roads were entirely dried up, and we made whole trip home without a hitch. ( < — A) that is, until we had a tire blowout which Justin discussed yesterday in the blog; B) whenever I use this expression, I feel like I am leading you all astray in thinking that we somehow traveled in our bus and trailer depsite not having a hitch on the back of the bus; but in all reality, I am simply using the common figure of speech to convey that we had no problems on our journey)

Also, a big shout out to our good pal Andrew Patterson (“Patty”), who put us up and got us a show in Evansville Indiana this past weekend. He also gave me this great record by a band called Four Year Strong, who are actually pretty dang good. Then I accidentally stole his DVD of The Starting Line’s final show. Sorry man.

Philmont has a little over a week of chill time at home before we go out again; should be nice. We are playing a show in our very own Charlotte NC on Sunday May 16th. Should be nice. Tres canciones. Espero que tu tienes una semana magnifica.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “On A Saturday” by Four Year Strong

2. “Photography” by The Starting Line

3. “The Sound” by Further Seems Forever



  1. ¡Hola Josiah! ¡Yo no sabía que usted dice el español! Usted estaría bien para Texas, hay muchas personas de hablar españolas aquí.
    You guys should play more acoustic sets! 🙂 Please do some when you’re here in TX? Haha, Butterfingers were my favorite too! I still like them a lot. I’ve never tried 5th Avenue, I’ll have to go look for one now.
    Idioms always seem to puzzle me. I didn’t grow up using many, so I get really lost sometimes when people use one that I don’t know (I don’t know very many, but I did know yours). 😀 Enjoy your “relaxing” days!
    ~ Sara

  2. Hola Josías! Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Espero escuchar más programas cerca de Michigan, estaba triste perderse el uno en Evansville! Que tengan una semana fantástica, la esperanza de oír más blogs. :]

    By the way, what is a “Cool Stick Guitar”? interesting title. 3 Musketeers=total delicious goodness. Just sayin. :]

  3. that would be a play on the phrase “Acoustic Guitar”….and thank you all for your South-of-the-border style encouragement haha


  4. Four Year Strong is a pretty rad band my friend! “Heros Get Remembered…” gets me going CRAZY!!!

  5. Haha, in Holland 5th Avenue is a shoelabel xD

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