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Hello to all of you. We have some sweet shows this week, starting today at Eastern Kentucky University. This Friday we will be at the Wired Coffeehouse in Evansville, Indiana. Then Saturday is Agape Fest in Greenville, Illinois – which I am super excited about. Then on Sunday we are playing a very special acoustic set in Fall Creek, Indiana, which will include some brand new songs!

Also special about this week is the fact that our very own Josh Guion will not be present at the shows! He is going to prom with his girlfriend in Ohio, so he couldn’t be with us this time – but we’re sure he will be impressing all the cool kids at prom with his sweet dance moves. Anyway, to fill in for Joshy we have our longtime friend Matthew Arcaini coming out with us. Matt was actually Philmont’s very first bassist, he and I roomed together in college, and he has been producing our demos and new songs for a while now (he produced and programmed our song “The Ascension”). So if you’re going to be at a show this week, be sure to say hi to him!

Let me just say: we have been very productive in the past few months in terms of songs and writing. I am quite proud of us. We have a brand new cover song medley, which we will be unveiling at shows very soon [a clue as to the contents of this medley: Jordin, Jay, and Jason]. Also for upcoming shows, we have been focusing on two new songs in particular, titled “The Alchemist” and “Hits”, which are very near being performance-ready. So get ready!

The new Coheed & Cambria album is alright. My main beef is that lead singer Claudio Sanchez has pretty much abandoned all the high vocal parts that used to define his uniqueness as a vocalist. All the melodies are mid-range, and many are lackluster. But there is a lot of sweet music to be found on the record, and the songs are slowly growing on me. So there’s that.

As a band, we were very excited to hear that a couple days ago, Interstate 40 at Knoxville opened back up after a rockslide had blocked the way back in October. We take I-40 to get from Charlotte (where we live) to Nashville (where everyone we work with lives). With the direct route closed off, we had to tack on another hour or more of travel both ways whenever we went to Nashville, which was quite a pain. But all is good now, and we can save that gasoline.

Who uses Myspace anymore? I maintain that it is still useful for bands and finding music, but as far as personal use goes, I literally can’t remember the last time I logged on (on a side note, if anyone has tried corresponding with me via Myspace in the past year….sorry). All I can hope is that Facebook learns from Myspace’s mistakes and doesn’t allow people to modify their entire page from top to bottom – layouts and unlimited addition of content will only lead to cluttered messes that no one wants to look at. Poor Myspace.

That’s all for me. Hope to see some of you at these shows. Three songs. Later!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Midnight’s Another Day” by Brian Wilson

2. “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” by Arcade Fire

3. “War” by Farewell



  1. So, it’s nice to know all of you guys can write well! 🙂 Sounds like things are pretty exciting for Philmont, that’s pretty sweet!

    As for Myspace, I couldn’t agree with you more. I spent 5 hours customizing mine about 3 years ago…and that’s kinda where I left it. 🙂

    Thanks for writing in, Josiah!

  2. Myspace- never got into it. too random and too hard to focus. We are all so excited about the new songs :o) I must add Brian Wilson – sweet!!

  3. Sad for the people who have to miss Josh. How old is he, since he’s going to prom? hmm…He’ll be back for Indianapolis, right? That would be sad if he wasn’t. :] And myspace was just a creepy place for creepy peoples.

  4. Please tell me that means Jordin Sparks, Jay Sean, and Jason Derulo? …you guys and your J-names. Love it.

    -Jenny (ha)

  5. DOWN WITH SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES 😉 hahaha I got rid of all mine last year, and now I HAVE TIME to do other stuff online, like work, and read band members’ blogs… 😉 lol

  6. haha Josh is 21 years old, but his girlfriend is a senior in high school….we don’t judge him. he will not be in Indianapolis, sorry! but you can hang with the rest of us if you want….

  7. by the way Jenny, congratulations on cracking the code….be on the lookout for that covers medley…

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