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I write to you today from Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Just came from a nice couple hours on the beach, where we threw frisbee and football, and I read a book. Luckily I have not burned at all; in fact I believe I applied the perfect amount of sunscreen to be able to darken up a few shades without experiencing a wink of pain. However, yesterday during a beach football game I landed badly on the ball of my right foot, so I have been walking with a slight limp since then…but it’s getting better. The point is: it’s hard to go to the beach and not sustain some kind of physical harm.

We went to Target this morning and I bought Coheed & Cambria’s latest offering, “Year of the Black Rainbow”…if that’s not an epic album title, I don’t know what is. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it all the way through yet, but I will definitely spin it when I go to bed tonight.

So the book I’m reading is by Stephen Hawking and it is called The Universe In A Nutshell. It deals a lot with space and time and such, and a lot of it is very tough to get through, but I read a very cool chapter today about light and stars. In case you didn’t know, light travels. Think of it like a beam shooting out of its source. When someone turns on a light in the room, it takes a measurable amount of time for that light to travel to the walls and reflect back into your eyes. On a grander scale, when a star forms, it takes many years for the light from that star to reach our eyes here on earth to where we can see it…

Astronomers over the last century discovered that there are billions and billions of other galaxies out there, each with billions of its own stars and planets. We are talking about stars that are millions of lightyears away. Up until about a century ago, most scientists assumed that the universe had existed for an infinite amount of time with no beginning. But if all these billions of stars and glaxies had existed forever, all their light would have reached Earth by now, which would result in our sky being illuminated 24/7 – a night time without darkness. This proved that the universe had a definite beginning point.

Most scientists like to use mathematical equations at this step to “prove” that the Big Bang occurred ten to fifteen billion years ago. But no scientist has yet given a rationalization for why or how the Big Bang occurred in the first place. Even Stephen Hawking himself admits that he has no justification for this theory; but it is so widely accepted that it is always the go-to move when referring to the beginning of existence. Hey, Mr. Hawking, I have a better idea! You are right about the universe having a definite beginning point. You see, a very intelligent being, whom I like to call God, designed and constructed the enormous plane in which we live. Pretty genius of Him to create these countless unique galaxies that are close enough for us to observe and marvel at, but far away enough that they don’t interfere with the darkness we experience at night time. Thanks God!

That’s all for me. Sorry if it was boring. Hey here’s something fun and new! Starting next week, all FIVE members of Philmont will be posting a blog each week! Monday is Justinday! Tuesday is Joshday! Wednesday is Josiahday! Thursday is Jeremiday! Friday is Scottday! And Sunday KIDS SEATS JUST FIVE DOLLARS!!! Anyway, there’s gonna be a lot more action going on in this place, so be sure to check back constantly. Hope you have a great week! Three songs. Josiah has left the building.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “The Archers’ Bows Have Broken” by Brand New

2. “Every Time I Look For You” by Blink-182

3. “Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed & Cambria



  1. Hey Josiah,
    Interesting blogpost. I’ve always loved stars and LOVE going to planetariums. I seem to end up learning more each time. And it constantly amazes me that we are so tiny and insignificant in this vast universe…but that God loves and cares for each and every single one of us!!! Aaahh, so mind-boggling. Anyways. 🙂 Hope your foot gets to feeling better. Thanks for the update!
    ~ Sara

  2. Seriously, that’s amazing! That part about how the universe must have had a beginningpoint, if else we wouldn’t have had a night and stuff. That’s facinating! I’m going to check if somebody translated that book in Dutch. I want to read it!

    Keep on enjoying the beach and the weather there 🙂


  3. The CD sounds interesting…and the book is just plain awsome!!! Haha I’ll be looking forward to Monday-blogs!! I am so excited that each of you will be blogging now. Cause there’s a perfect number of you to go around for each day of the week!

    Peace out, girlscout. Looking forward to May 2nd!!!

  4. Thank you, Josiah! That was very interesting! Of course, I know how the world began and I’m not even an astronomer!

    I think it’s great that each of you will be blogging. While I enjoy reading from those who normally post, I’m really looking forward to “Joshday”! I wonder why. 🙂

    Hope you guys managed to get a lot of R & R in and pray for a safe trip home. Give my boy a squeeze for me. Thanks. Hope your foot feels better soon! Love you. Mama Wanda

  5. Interesting blogpost. I’ve always loved stars! Planetariums are fascinating, I come away having learned something new every time. It also amazes me that we are so tiny and insignificant in this vast universe, and yet God knows, cares, and loves every single one of us!! Aaahh, mind-boggling!! Anyways. Hope your foot gets to feeling better. Thanks for the post!
    ~ Sara
    P.S. Awesome idea about a day of the week for each of you!

  6. Sorry about the bad landing Josiah, heal up and try not to take yourself out of commission :o). I love the song Here We Are Juggernaut! Are you reading this book in an effort to sharpen your knowledge for the live contestant search? Then again, you are the who needs a reason! Happy reading!

  7. Wow! that was super cool!! Josiah you could write your OWN book! haha! I would read it! and I bet lots of other people would too! 🙂 I love reading about that kinda stuff! its just so cool how God made everything to point back to Him! I dont even know how people cant see it! its depressing!

    Have fun at the beach, reading your book, and listening to the CD! 🙂 try not to hurt yourself!

  8. Guys just HAVE TO get hurt at the beach. It’s just the way they are. lol ever watched America’s Funniest Videos?? The minute you see a guy at the beach, you KNOW WHAT’S COMING… someone’s going down! 😉 Go figure. Stay safe, Josiah! 🙂

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