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Hello gang!

Not much happening since last week.. Oh! I got my haircut today for the new pictures Philmonts going to be taking in a couple of weeks!

Crash is taking off strong and all you Philmonsters rock! You guys help us out SO much, hopefully we can return the love!

So I dont have a fancy Philmont video but I did happen to stumble across a pretty entertaining video from one of my favorite group of musicians, The Avett Brothers. They are a group of fellows that actually live about 30 minutes north of Charlotte. Thanks to Mr. Todd Davis for opening my eyes to this easy listening group. Here it is.

Have a great week everybody!




  1. Can’t wait to see your haircut and the new pictures, Justin! Miss y’all! 🙂 “You all everybody”… like from LOST? ha ha ha! 😀

  2. Yeah I can’t wait to see the hair either…please tell me it isn’t
    short-short. And that video made my day. Hilarious!

  3. lol “Who am I? Nernernernerner….” Great. I’m looking forward to the concert in Indianapolis!!! I was depressed cause I couldn’t go to the one in Illinois…you can be sure to see me at Indianapolis!!! [:

  4. Philmonsters love you guys back :o) You guys are a blessing to us all :o)

  5. Looking forward to seeing the pics (and your new ‘do!). Have fun at your retreat! 🙂

  6. go avetts! i got to see them in Columbia MO with my uncle a couple months ago. can’t wait to see you guys this summer!!

  7. Awesome ! i wanna see ur new haircut i bet its great !!!!! =P

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