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Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had a great week and is having a great weekend.
The weather here in Charlotte has been absolutely amazing. I’ve been spending the last couple of days lounging around the pool with the lady and throwing the frisbee for our insane little dog. I’m hoping to “get a nice base” for Philmont’s upcoming beach retreat.

Me and the guys and the girl are going to be heading to Isle of Palms, SC to stay at a retreat center for a couple of days later this month. We’re going to relax, talk some business, do some devotions and get focused and regrouped before the summer craziness hits. I’m really looking forward to it and hope that it can become an annual thing for us.

You all may know Kim who is “Head Philmonster” of the “We Are Philmonsters” Philmont Fan Site. Well she’s been working very hard over the last few weeks to restructure and organize our street team (a task that has alluded many in the past).
For those of you not in the know, the Philmont >CRASH< Street Team is a nationwide group of (not just fans but) band supporters who are looking to help us expand our ministry and reach new fans. CRASH members participate in everyday tasks like ReTweeting the CRASH Twitter posts, Facebook posts and rallying for stuff like music video voting polls. Also, when a Philmont show comes through a CRASHer's area they help us promote the show by printing off fliers that we provide and hang them around their town, school and church.
If this sounds like something you're interested in, find the CRASH on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

As a special treat to you guys, I’m uploading some special videos this week from the archives. Here’s another that’s never seen the light of day till now. It’s the Behind the Scenes for the Back Down music video.

If you haven’t seen the music video for “Back Down” watch it here:

See ya next week
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  1. scott you have mad editing skills dude! (does that have one or two t’s??)

  2. nice editing! I can’t help but notice that it says this was all posted on April 11, 2010, but on my phone it says it’s April 10. Hahaha

    You guys are AWESOME!!!

  3. Yet another awesome video from you guys!!!

  4. I looked at Isle of Palms on Google Images…I am a bit jealous, to say the least. And the harmony in Back Down is totally awesome!!

  5. I looked at Isle of Palms on Google Images…I am a bit jealous, to say the least. And the harmony in Back Down is totally awesome!!! And I am fan of the bridge.

  6. Philmont…You guys never cease to keep me entertained. I suppose that was a rather appropriate video considering some of us asked for it last week. I kinda wish I had video software like you guys have because that would just be awesome.

  7. Thanks Scott this was really cool. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter but I do support you guys! You can always email me a flyer for a concert (when you DO come out here!!) and I’ll pass em around!

  8. Do I HAVE to have Facebook or Twitter? That is a stone drag, but SO AWESOME! I can’t wait! Y’all are the best music-video-ees in the world! Keep it up. I hope to see y’all in concert (very first PHILMONT concert too!) super super soon.
    Party on!

  9. I LOVE the making of đŸ˜€
    And the weather in Holland isn’t that great at the moment, but it’ll get better soon đŸ™‚

  10. awesome video!:) i love the band!!the best ever

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