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Hey there friends.

So first things first, we have an exciting new video up. Many of you have already seen our music video for “I Can’t Stand to Fall”. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

If you have seen it before, or you just watched it, or even if you don’t want to watch it, here is something new for you. This is the behind-the-scenes video for the ICSTF shoot, just for you fine folks!

And if you thought THAT was great, here is something even better: French silk chocolate pie.

Philmont is gonna be playing a couple brand new songs starting at the end of this month. That will be fun.

I’ve been writing a lot on the piano recently. It’s cool, but I’m not sure how much of it could be used for Philmont; we’re not much of a piano-driven band…[fun fact: our song Where to Start was originally written/demo-ed as a punchy piano-driven song; during the Attention sessions we removed the piano parts in favor of the guitar you hear in the intros/verses. But when we play the song live, we keep the piano part during the intro]. Anyway, it’s still cool to do sometimes. Also, looking back at this paragraph I just realized how professional I sound when I say “the Attention sessions”…I should write a book.

I am leaving on Thursday for Florida! Gonna see Copeland play their final two U.S. shows! Really really excited! Also going to Disney World! Ahhhhh!

Well that’s about it for me. I’ve got an hour to do my pre-Lost warmup routine of doing 108 push-ups blindfolded while I chant the numbers over and over…

Have a great week! Josiah

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “New Creation” by Fellowship Church [<–seriously awesome]

2. "Palm Reader" by Third Eye Blind

3. "The Best of You and Me" by Number One Gun



  1. Awesome blog Josiah. I love the Behind the guys are hilarious! It looks like you truly had a blast!
    Flordia—-lucky! Take lots of pictures, && have a blast for us, we’ll miss you!!
    …I’m so excited for the new music that’s coming out, I know it will be amazing!
    :] see ya’ll soon! 😀

  2. So do we get some video of those awesome piano skills?? I vote YES!!!

  3. I vote yes for the video on piano skills as well…and I definitely had french silk chocolate pie for Easter for the first time. It was awesome. :] Have a great time at Disney!!! I have never been…

  4. And there are now three people who voted yes for the piano skills!

    You should wait a week for Disney, because that is when I am going 🙂 Terrible timing!

  5. Four votes!

  6. Very cool!
    Is there going to be a making of ‘Back Down’ too? I’m really curious how you guys did that one ^^

  7. SWEET VIDEO Josiah! Of course I vote YES!!! You’re super awesome at it.
    I love the music! Keep it up! 🙂


    That and I too am curious as to how you went about making “Back Down.” On a scale of one to interesting, I think that video would be pretty interesting.

  9. Back Down behind-the-scenes is coming very shortly. As for a piano vid….we will see…..


  10. Thanks for the behind the scenes! I’ve seen the music video several times already but definitely enjoyed watching the behind the scenes. Looking forward to the “Back Down” behind the scenes, too. Thanks again Josiah!

  11. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put some piano vids!! I love playing piano and I’m not much of a classical type, so If there was any way I’d be able to play any Philmont songs on piano I’d be SO happy!! 😀

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