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Hello squirrels and boys!

This has nothing to do with the Jonas brothers… sorry.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and all you school kids, hope your spring break was rad. I woke up bright and early to attend the good ol’ fashion “Sonrise” service. Then after that I went to another church with my lady friend. So It was a full throttle worship Easter Sunday. The weather was fantastic here at home. Spring is definitely here and man am I ready for warmer weather.. well except this will be like the 5th year in a row where my little car hasnt had AC and every car ride ends up with sweaty back year I’ll get it fixed. Josiah knows how it is, He too braves every summer with the windows down. How many of you are in our boat? But, yeah I’m thankful for this awesome weather.

So the new chapter of Philmont has begun.. ” I wonder what we should name it? Hmmm…” I said to myself as I paused from typing my blog.

We’re really excited to bring Jeremi Hough out on drums and also make him and Joshy an official member of Philmont. Maybe now we’ll get some more bus keys made for everyone… we need to stop putting that off.. also a reminder to get batteries for our alarm clicker thingy. I think I’ll make a grocery list here as well.

We’re currently and always writing new stuff I think all of you will enjoy. There is exciting stuff in the works for us just hold tight.

Im going to try and hide these sleeve of Peeps and forget where I put them.. Thanks… Easter bunny. -_-

See ya next week folks!

P.s since 4 out of 5 of our names start with “J” I think im gonna cool it on the Samsy for now and just run with the alliteration of the ensemble… I don’t know if that made any sense… deal with it. 🙂 Its the Peeps…




  1. I was a little worried about the Jonas Brother thing.. But the second line cleared it up and made me happy again. : )

    The AC in our van seemed to break every summer, just when it got really hot.Not fun.

    I think you should stick with Samsy. Then you guys will have a ‘full house’ so to speak. 3 ‘J’s and 2 ‘S’s! Or, you could just make Scott feel really left out. xD

  2. Ha ha ha! So we can’t call you Samsy anymore?! Darn! I haven’t been to a show yet, and now I’ll have to call you “Justin” when I meet you! 😀 Tis alright…
    Hope Josh and Jeremi are ready for all they’ll put up with!
    I hope you had a good Easter too! We miss you guyses down here in Texas, so come for a visit… ONLY if you share your Peeps with me though, Justin.
    Love y’all… visit soon now, okay?

  3. Peeps are on sale at Target. And probably everywhere else too.

    And I’m afraid of the Easter Bunny and Shrimp. The end.

    Zug zug zug.

  4. so this whole songwriting thing…is it mainly Scott and Josiah that write them? I know that all of you wrote “The Difference”…but is the new songwriting going to result in a new CD…maybe? :] Looking forward to hearing new songs!

  5. You should keep up with the ‘Samsy’! Then you’ll have two ‘S’ and three ‘J’. Maybe Scott won’t feel so J-less 😛

  6. I bet you found the peeps :o)

  7. hahha, this is the first summer I had a car, and the AC works fine, :] The weather is actually decent here too, but we did get our first thunderstorm last night.
    Justin–that made perfect sense, and I am still on Spring Break, btdub, it ends Sunday thr 11th!
    –You guys are the best, keep blogging! ❤ Me.

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