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We had a great weekend in Michigan! Two great nights of SoulBlast 2010 with Hawk Nelson, John Reuben, and Seventh Day Slumber. Scott and I both have family in south Michigan, and we got to spend a good bit of time with them, so that was nice. Made a lot of new friends as well.

Today we took a trip to visit our friends at GHS Strings / Rocktron, who are located in Battle Creek MI. They gave us a tour of their string factory, which was awesome – got to see the whole process from start to finish of how they make and package their strings. Followed that up with a cool interview with GHS rep Bob Waller, who hooked us up with some goodies to add to our arsenal. FYI, Philmont plays GHS strings exclusively, because they are awesome. And Rocktron sells a great collection of pedals and amps, the former of which I have started using [I am using the Mega Booster, Guitar Silencer, and Reaction Octaver], and they are awesome as well. Check out their stuff here: GHS Rocktron

There is no band like Mew. Period.

We are writing lots of cool new songs! Can’t wait for you all to hear them. They are hot jams. We are especially focusing on writing this month coming up (April), as our touring schedule is rather sparse. But no worries, there are plenty of ways to be productive outside of the road.

We went to see Alice in Wonderland yesterday. I think I was probably the least impressed out of our group. I think part of that was because I was under the impression that this supposed to be the same story as the original animated Disney movie from back in the day (which I love). *SPOILER* It was not that. I realized that at the end, when they show Alice’s “flashbacks” of a younger Alice doing all the things from the original story. So this movie started out cool and bizarre, but it eventually turned into more of a heroic epic tale…slaying dragons and such…not very Alice-like if you ask me. Anyway I was super tired, and I will admit I nodded off a couple times during the first half of the film. So maybe I need to re-watch it in full alertness and with the correct pretense in mind. But the playing card foot soldiers looked SWEET. Bottom line: more interesting than Avatar, but less interesting than Shutter Island. Just my thoughts.

Alright well we are rolling up to our hotel for the night in Petersburg, Indiana. Hopefully it’s not too late to hit up the hot tub! If it is, there’s always P90X. Or something. Later folks!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Online Songs” by Blink-182

2. “Doris Day” by Jack’s Mannequin

3. “Homemade Valentine” by Children 18:3



  1. I watched Alice in IMAX. And it rocked. I don’t wanna See it any other way. 🙂 my favorite part was when the hare shouts “you’re late for teeeea!” and flings a saucer at the soldiers.

    Zug zug zug.

  2. What movie theatre did you go to?? One in MI??

  3. i saw alice and i LOVED it …so cool, but i already knew what it was gonna be about before i saw it =) awesome blog keep it up =D

  4. yu guys rocked at pike central its all da girls talk bout alexis this means u haha

  5. yello yu guys rocked at pike central its all the girls talk about alexis this means YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come back next year

  6. this is alexis here let me just say this…..justin me and u got a pic u sighned my forhead..that pic we have is my new wall paper lol love u guys come back soon -alexis-

  7. alexis do u want me

  8. I have a dumb question. WHO WROTE THIS BLOG POST…? lol

  9. @Brittany-in-CA If that was a serious question… Check the title of the blog. There’s only one person in the band who matches ‘JP’ and who gives 3 songs at the end of each blog.

    I haven’t seen Alice yet, but my sister loved it. But she’s addicted to Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Bohem Carter/and the rest of the crew. So she’s a bit prejudiced xD

  10. I love you guys! COME BACK TO INDIANA!!!!!

  11. hey alexis guess wat im a philmonster rarrrrrrrrrrrrrr rearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lil girl yah trick yah grape drink i no u see my lollipops

  12. yes it is something i post missy tissy i see u and my lollipops

  13. hey pple the greatest band evr perform @ my skool on the 30th of march..PHILMONT!!!! im a philmonster yay all the way baby i got a pic with justin and i love him its my new wallpaper


  15. hey…alexis here im a philmoster,all the way lol i got a pic with justin and let me just say this…HE IS THE HOOTTEST GUY EVER!!!!!! NO ACTUALLY NOAH CROAK IS HIS LOLLIPOPS TASTE SO GOOD


  17. hey ppl my fav guy is jeff i think thats his name (well the bass player)

  18. Lol thanks for the feedback everyone. And Brittany, this is Josiah Prince (hence the “JP”). I probably should start putting my name at the end though….but anyway, now you know!

  19. FYI- our bass player’s name is Josh…not Jeff!

  20. I really enjoyed Alice In Wonderland. Maybe it’s because it was a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/ and the real genius- Danny Elfman film. I am a big Danny Elfman film. The music made the movie.

    I can’t wait to hear the new music! Now, you guys just need to come to my area!

  21. Yeah the music was pretty great. Fun fact: all the strings in the film score were not recorded by live musicians, but programmed using new software (the name of which escapes me right now), that is the most realistic emulator for stringed instruments to date! So all the violins you hear are being played by a computer!

  22. I actually knew that!! I’m such a music nerd XD

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