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It’s been a blogless week for us huh?!
I can explain! We’ve been super busy!
This past week has made for a fun run for the Philmont camp. We started out with a crowded, sweaty show in BC, OH (as they call it). It was a rowdy night packed with kids and a ton of talented local bands.
From there we puttered up to Michigan to play the Soul Blast Fest for two days. The first day was with Hawk Nelson and the second was with Seventh Day Slumber. Day one went super smooth, the crowd was nuts and we had a blast. Day number two was a little rocky. The entire show ran about 2 hours over and the local bands that were on the bill for the night got completely cut (no bueno). Please take a second to look them up and show them some love- they were The Cast and the Crew and Becoming Yesterday. When all was said and done, the remaining bands got tossed in a metaphorical bag, shaken up, and given a new set time. This left Philmont to close out the event about an hour after the event was supposed to be over. While this could have been a recipe for disaster, we came out on stage to find about half of the kids still there (thanks youth pastors!) and they rocked extra hard to make up for the people who had to leave! It was a lot of fun! Big thanks to all of you who stuck around in that hot smelly room for nearly 5 hours to rock out with us! Philmonsters are the greatest!
A stop in Indiana for one final show then we’re home to do some writing.
Thanks for visiting the blog!

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  1. I was at Soul Blast!!! I was supposed to go home after Hello Kelly and I was like I waited the whole night for THE best band, and now I can’t see them?! So I stuck around. I am the one that wanted Justin’s guitar pick….that totally went to another girl. 😛

  2. So I was definitely at Soul Blast and I loved it so much. You guys were the best band there…I was sposed to go home, but then I called and told my parents to wait cause I wasn’t about to miss my favorite band at the end. :] I am hoping to see you in May, in Illinois…maybe? I can’t wait!! Also, Justin, you totally missed me when you threw your guitar pick. oh well, I’ll live. 😛 ttyl!!!

  3. Hey, my names Leanna Beverly. Im 14 and a freshmen at Surry Early College High School of Design. (In Dobson, NC) I want to tell you guys something important.I was at Winterplace WV, when yall did a concert. I just wanted to let you guys know that your music has actually helped me.

    About a week after your concert, I was at home and school. I was thinking about how bad my life was. (It’s not like theres kids out there who dont have it worse.) My dad hasnt had a job in over a year, my oldest brother (hes 19) is in Applichain. We cant hardly buy food for ourselfs let alone send him through college. I have another brother (hes 15). He has Autisum, Assburgers and ADHD. Hes a handful, its like im supposed to be this responsible teenager and take care of everyone. Mom suffers from depression and dads always out. So its like no one really cares about my life, or how I feel. Well I couldnt take it anymore, I told myself that if God actually loved and cared for me then he’d fix this. So I became an athiest, I didnt know what to believe. I didnt believe in God or heaven, just Hell and Satian. I didnt believe in prayer and I didnt smile anymore. But one night I pulled out your CD, Attention. I put it in my player and decided to listen. I heard “The difference” and it made since. (Something finally made since to me again) It was like something slapped me in the face. “Hey this is what im going through, if hes inside my heart there should be a difference.” Well then I listened to “Letter to the Editor” and something else slapped me. ‘I am a tradgey, bound by this role I play the lead. Could you write a new ending, tear out these pages re-write this story.’ Im not sure but something told me “Hey, someone is watching over you, just because somethings/prayers arent answered doesnt mean hes not there. Hppiness isnt there always, so dont build your life on whats going on now.” I began to go to church again and started to realise that “Letter to the Editor” has truth in it. Its my favoriate song off of your album Attention. It always will be. Daddy might have a job, in Colorado. For about 8-10 months. I wont get to see him but for a month out of that time. Lifes hard, but youve gotta trust that God’s there to help. He’ll hold your hand when you’ve given up. Please keep my family in your prayers.

    Thanks for reading this, it means alot. I just really wanted you guys to know that I appericiate your music. Yall are my favoriate band. Keep rockin, and remember God’s there, no matter what.

  4. Oh dang! Cast & Crew are friends! Got to host them in Dallas once. I heard they’re shows got cancelled. 😦 Interesting to make the connection.




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