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Sorry my blog is a couple days late…I know the next line is supposed to be some sort of excuse but I really don’t have one so MOVING ON!
The drummer auditions are still chugging right along. We’re onto a new phase in the audition process where we’re taking future Philmont hopefuls out on the road for a few shows to see how the tour vibe is. So if you see a stranger behind the kit, don’t be shy- say hi!

The first half of this month has been busy and a lot of fun and it looks like the rest of the month will be just as exciting. In a couple of days we head up to do some shows in OH, MI and IN so we hope to see a whole slew of you Philmonsters out there!

I took some pictures for you. Here they are. If you follow me or Philmont on Twitter (@ScottyMcTaube and @PhilmontRock) you’ve probably already seen most of them but it should be a treat for all you Twitter haters!


Above: Josh and Justin play in Minnesota’s 3 feet of snow, a purdy shot of Estes Park, CO and a dinosaur overlooking the entrance to a Wyoming gas station.


Above: Justin had a sign made and then edited for him, my wife Britt made an AMAZINGLY BALLER Philmont Pheast for me and the guys which helped us forget about the terrible things we ate while on the road (as seen in the next picture).

That’s it for me. Maybe if you’re well-behaved and leave lots of nice, lovely comments I’ll give you a video blog next week!
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  1. I love your video blogs… so I am leaving you a very short but encouraging comment – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, y’all rawk and are changing the world one Philmonster at a time (BTW..those Hotdogs look radioactive :p)

  2. OMG i love ur video blogs!! keep em comin =D….those hotdogs look a lil nasty though lol yall rock !!!

  3. NICE COMMENTS?? It is possible! Miss you guys super duper lots and lots… gosh, Brit must be the most amazing cook in the whole entire universe! That seriously looks amazing. Scott, is it too much to ask that I come on tour even if I HAVEN’T auditioned for drums? πŸ˜€ Just kidding, naturally! PLEASE come to the DFW area of Texas, because we LOVE you and miss you! I’d love a new video blog, Scott!

  4. my favorite picture is that of the dinosaur. dinos rock. if i was a gas station, i would definitely want a dinosaur welcoming all my customers.

  5. Dinos in front of gas stations must be a trend or something, because in Benson, AZ there is a Velociraptor oustide of a Mcdonalds/gas station! Although i think the vegitarian dino is much more welcoming than one that could eat me…

  6. cool pictures. hope you guys post a video blog soon there always very funny =)

  7. Thats the coolest sign ever…..and the kid who made it is awesome…..and the show where he gave it to Justin was the best CONCERT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dinos are AWESOME!! And theres a bunch of people I know who will go ANYWHERE dinosaurs are located LOL! And PLEASE put more video blogs!! They’re BEAST!! Even more beast than dinosaurs πŸ˜€

  9. I’m really hoping you’ll show up at the Flevo Festival again this year πŸ™‚ With a new fantastic drummer of course πŸ™‚

  10. ohh ill take another video:D u guys are awesome and thanks for the sweet show in Ohio! πŸ˜€

  11. What did Britt make for you guys??? Kinda hard to tell.

  12. I love Philmont!!! I love Philmont!!! I love Philmont!!! CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back to Indiana?!?!? Pike central actually. I missed your concert and cried for 2 days straight!!! I love you guys and i hope you’re all doing good wherever you are and youre ALL in my prayers!! πŸ™‚

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