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Physical fitness progress update: I’m feelin’ fitter every day! Though I’m sure it doesn’t look like much in the video blogs, this daily workout rotation is definitely already reaping results for me. Last night I bench-pressed an actual bench. In a park, with an old man sitting on it. Beach body, here I come.

HEY! I am selling a Boss Blues Driver pedal on eBay, and I need you to go bid on it. It’s a great mild distortion sound for any level guitarist. And it’s only 30 bucks. So come on. Here’s the link:

Well, another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone. And what do I have to show for it? Not a thing. Except for the 2/3-scale bronze statue of Saint Patrick that I bought for my living room in honor of his holiday.

As some of you may have seen in my recent tweet, last week I acquired a book containing every poem/short story written by Edgar Allen Poe (this book is huge…seriously like as big as a box of family size Rice Krispies). Anyway, I just finished the first story, The Unparallelled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall. It’s about a man from Holland who invents a space-travelling balloon – which he takes to the moon, where he finds an alien race. Then he sends an alien messenger back to earth to give a letter to the leaders of his old Dutch town, in which he details (in GREAT detail) all the happenings of his escapade. It was pretty good. Slightly unrealistic, but pretty good.

Speaking of Rice Krispies, today I was hanging out with my girlfriend and well, you know how you crack your knuckles sometimes? Well I do that, except I often go through this entire sequence of cracking what seems like a million different joints. It goes: all ten knuckles on my hands, both my elbows, one side of my neck, the other side of my neck, and sometimes I twist my back and crack it as well. This sequence weirds most people out. Anyway, my girlfriend called me “Crack, Snapple, Pop” as a joke…but it gave my brain a whole lot of trouble, as I was trying to make sense of this catchphrase that Post cereal created for Rice Krispies. “Snapple? That’s not a word!” It literally took me like two minutes to realize that the actual slogan is “Snap, Crackle, Pop”…which makes total sense. So that was that.

This is a huge time of transition for Philmont. Obviously since the departure of Todd, we are in the midst of a personnel change, which is always tedious. There are other things going on right now that I can’t elaborate on just yet, but this period has become a very significant time for us as a band. We are trying our best to stay focused and tuned in to our purpose, and we are trusting that God will direct us as we make every decision in front of us. I would ask you to pray that we keep God’s will as our top priority, and that He would give us wisdom and boldness so that we may grow in our efforts.

The end! Next week we head to Ohio and Michigan. Can’t wait. Josiah out!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Rocketman” by Elton John

2. “Walking Downtown” by Copeland

3. “Orangitango” by Fly Golden Eagle



  1. hehe…”Crack Snapple Pop”…! Praying for the band, BTW. GBU

  2. My family has The Complete Edgar Allen Poe story/poem book. I pulled it out again last night and read a few poems and stories. Not many people can write like that any more!

    And, like Brittany, I am also praying for you guys!

  3. Saw some of y’all in the Salsarita’s @ Cotswold! Too shy to actually say anything. . . :/

    And I crack the exact same joints. Except I can crack each finger at least two different ways, as well as my wrists, ankles and sometimes my jaw.

  4. Oeh, Holland! Now we’re famous xD

  5. I’m Gonna be in Ohio to see you guys! Can’t Wait!!

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