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What do size 20 shoes, P90X and a sleepy Master Chief have in common?

Hope you enjoyed it!
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  1. Justins the hulk!!! LOL 😀 Your camera has good quality Scott!! What type is it?? Cant wait to go to another one of your concerts. Maybe I’ll be able to get in the shot 😉 Love the video blogs!! Keep them comin!!

  2. omg!! so funny =P i love this blog !

  3. It looks like y’all have WAY TOO MUCH fun on the road. Glad to see that your friendships can keep you so entertained! Continue to keep us amused with your travels! =P

  4. Some Love. ahah. Well, I donnn;t know if i was in it cause weellll, my computer kinda sorta sucks. But annywhooo, Ima come see you guys next chancee i gett ! Kudos to youu.

  5. Haha. Nice Master Chief Helmet. I loved the Velcro wall and other inflatables. I’ve always wanted to try one. Good luck with the jacket and don’t put too many holes in your fingers.

  6. “That duck is fearless!” Ha ha ha! Oh Philmont! How I love thee! Y’all are the awesomest of the awesome. That’s saying it all!

  7. O you guys are too funny!

  8. who was wearing the helmet?

  9. Ok, I seriously fell off my chair when I saw you fall of the big bouncer (I’m not sure if that’s the right word in English, I mean that thing where you fall off at around 2.00 ^^)
    Very cool.

  10. hahaha…you guys would make terrific actors 😉

  11. You guys make me smile!


  12. Come back to minnesota, Philmont <333

  13. hey i just wanted to say you guys are awesome and i love you especially jeff!!!!! he is the hottie i love you jeff!! and i wanted to say if you will come back to pike cenral middle / high school??? please??? well thanxs for comforting me when i was balling about my parents !!!! keiths message was the best i went forward even though i was saved my name is katherine y. i really want you to come back it was the best message and concert ever!!! thanxs!!! write back and send to my email i am on twitter and facebook as katherine johns add me as a friend jeff!!!I LOVE YOU !!!!

  14. OMY! You guys were in Colorado and you did not come see me!?! MAN you guys are never here and the one time you are you didn’t have a concert or nothing! MAN! LOL I love ya guys anyways!

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