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Hi ya friends!

Philmont is out west currently in Wyoming, we played an amazing show last night with our good buds Wavorly. It was in a small town of 800 but it turned out to be a blessing of a night. A man by the name of Pastor Bob was responsible for bringing us here. He was almost brought to tears that we could make this happen and just went on about how much of a blessing we were but little did he know, we were the ones blessed by these people. Big ups to Pastor Bob and his church for taking care of us. It was a fun night of laughs, pizza and a good ol’ fashion rock show. Also a windy, cold load out…OH and cant forget that we saw a real live Bald Eagle, it was pretty sweet.

Today Wavorly and us were treated to lunch by Pastor Bob (what a nice guy?!) and we had hours to kill afterwards, so with a very limited selection of movies to see we decided to do what we’ve never done before…play the Wal Mart Game! So if you’re unfamiliar, you split up in teams of two and both teams go find ten very specific, crazy, unique items. Then you meet up switch buggies and go find duplicates of the items in the buggies. You have to stay together and if you’ve ever seen Super Market Sweep… its a lot like that. you cant ask for help and the first team to find all ten items that completely match each other then they win! Then you go get to put everything back where you found it!! Go out and have fun!

So this trip us Philmonts have been trying to stay in shape, so we’ve been doing P-90X, Yoga, and even Josh and I swam laps tonight. That was crazy tough. But atleast were trying to stay fit so we can rock out harder on stage for you guys.

Well its time to get some sleep on..I think Wavorly just got in there is loudness in the hallway and it smells. Those guys.




  1. FIRST!!! Sorry. I’ve always wanted to do that at least once.

    The Wal Mart game, eh? I’ll have to try that sometime it sounds fun. We have a similar game where I live, but it doesn’t take nearly as long. You may know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever heard of a store called Buckle.

    The basic premise of the Buckle game is that the people at Buckle are so friendly and out going that they tend to ask you how they can help you within 10 seconds of you stepping foot into the store. So, the goal is to get in, touch the back wall, and get out without anyone working there confronting you. It can be pretty entertaining and some of the strategies can get pretty crazy.

    Alright, well keep doing what you’re doing. Staying in shape is always a good thing.

  2. I WANNA PLAY THE WAL-MART GAME!!! Thanks you, Mr. Justin Sams, for giving me inspiration! Next time I enter Wal-Mart with friends… I am definitely playing. By the way, Pastor Bob sounds like an amazing man… I hope Wyoming was good to you!

  3. lol that sounds like fun!

  4. YOGA? Oh I hate to sound like a downer, but please don’t do that….look up the origins. That should be self-explanatory. Running around Wal Mart is a workout in itself anyways đŸ˜‰ lol

  5. Glad to see you had fun out at our cam-plex vehicles. đŸ˜€ Still bummed I couldn’t make it to the show, but I’m hoping you liked our buddies Black Pajent! And i’m glad it was a good show in such a small town :]

  6. That is a small town! (and I thought mine was small). Sounds like fun! To be honest, though, the eagle doesn’t excite me. I live around too many.

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