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Hello all you little Philmonsters.
To start off my blog I want to clarify about our drummer situation. We HAVE NOT decided on a new drummer. We’re still sifting through applications! For the time being our friend Sulley from Nashville, TN is filling in for our March dates. Feel free to say hello to him at one of our upcoming shows!

Moving on!
I’m going to be doing some of my blogs in video form…I’m going to call them “Video Blogs”. Groundbreaking, I know!

Enjoy this week’s Video Blog covering our recent trip to WV and Todd’s last show!


That’s it for me cadets.
See ya next week.
-Scott (tweet me @ScottyMcTaube



  1. Scott – I think you were likely born with a video camera attached to your forhead so you could get a good shot of the first look at the world. You, sir, were born to be on camera. :o) (and hold one too). You can see the gifting in you, and it is awesome, keep it up.

  2. ha ha ha!

  3. It would have been HILARIOUS of one of the guys had slid in and knocked you and the camera over 😉 like on AFV…I was actually waiting for it! lol Good work, though!

  4. I enjoyed this immensely! Thanks for the video blog. Kinda like a Philmont Webisode on Steelroots, but more immediate! Love it!

  5. That’s hilarious xD

  6. I miss Todd! 😦 BUT… you guyses continue to amaze me… SWEET!!! MORE WEBISODES?!?! Scott… I love the name… VERY unique! 🙂

  7. scott i thought u did a fabulous job when came

  8. i lov you!!!

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