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Hey guys. I am currently riding in Burnie on the way to our show in Lakeville, Minnesota. Still a good bit of lingering snow on the ground, but luckily the trip has been clear thus far. I had some Raisin Bran for breakfast at our hotel…and it was good.

Oooh here’s something exciting. Philmont is now endorsed by the company Rocktron, who makes a lot of great guitar pedals, effects processors, etc. So we are stoked to start using their gear! This is a great blessing.

Also exciting is the fact that I am going to be heading down to Orlando Florida next month with my girlfriend to A) spend a day at Disney World, and B) attend Copeland’s final two shows in the U.S.! We recently spent a day volunteering at a local waterfowl rescue as part of Disney’s “Give a Day, Get a Day” program, so we each got a free ticket to Disney! It’s a pretty awesome deal. [P.S. we are not getting a hotel room, we are staying with friends…don’t worry]

My younger brother Micah is on a missions trip in Mexico right now with other people from our church, so keep him in your prayers as he reaches out to people down there. Apparently it’s sunny and mid-70s down there – that’s enough to make me jealous!

Several of us now have signed up to be “guides” for the text service ChaCha, which answers your questions for free! You get paid to go online whenever you want, take questions that come in, and respond to them accordingly. If you haven’t texted ChaCha before, try it out next time you are wondering about something (text any question to 242-242). It’s totally free, so don’t worry about fees or anything. Anyway, this will be a great way for us to do something else productive on the road when we are in hotels or at venues with wi-fi.

There is a new Coheed & Cambria album coming in April. So that is cool.

Shutter Island is a CRAZY movie. It blew my mind.

Alright well it’s my turn to drive now. Until next time…stay warm!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Keep the Car Running” by Arcade Fire

2. “On With Disease” by Harvard

3. “All These Things That I Have Done” by the Killers



  1. My family is going to Disney World next month too! Right after spring break I believe… The perks of being homeschooled. Maybe we will possibly see you there! And maybe not.. 1)There are way too many people in the park 2) You are probably going on a different day haha Have fun!

    • StevoX95HighwaySpasms
    • Posted March 6, 2010 at 2:27 PM
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    Helo for a Joe Siah!
    I am friend is from listen to music! I once is. Go. To. A dizzy world.

    I like brand – rasein. When I is to be go Glüdislâvìæn Nørtvęnïkœv, give is to is brand – rasen. Have small man on bocks!

    He esmile.

    You for have fun at a small sota faktorry. I isnt no filmont like esmall sota!

    Frœmëndnįkôv etsbægëtrœv!

  2. Have fun in Disney World!
    (And thanks for clarifying the staying with friends. One of the many reasons I’m glad my kids are Philmont fans when there are so many other influences out there.)

  3. I sent cha-cha a message asking if the person answering me was from Philmont. They weren’t and that made me sad.

  4. Ahh totally agree Shutter Island was awesome!! Im still undecided about what REALLY happened! I have 2 theories.

  5. Let us know how working for ChaCha goes….I’m thinking of signing up, too! 🙂

  6. heyyy!!! soo i was at soul blast in bc! i totally love you guys and i am wearing the purple shirt at the moment! also josiah i have your gray guitar pick!!! thanks soooooo much!! 🙂

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