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I can’t believe how much things can change in a single week. Last week I wrote to you with a wintery wonderland in my front yard guarded by my newly created Snow Dino. Fast forward a mere 7 days and I’m wearing a T-shirt and missing my snowy companion. All that remains is a small lump of snow in his place.
I’m proud to say though that I set out to be the last person in my neighborhood with snow in his yard and the second place contender’s snowman family dried up a couple days ago so gold metal for me!

I’ve spent the week being super productive, working out some song ideas and finishing up some video projects. One of which is the 12th and final episode of Philmont Rising for Steelroots! I’m pretty excited about this one AND it’s a 10-minute-long special. (considering they’re usually 5 minutes long it’s like having an hour long finale for a 30 min show…so be excited!)
Looking through our Twitter I’ve seen that you guys have been busy with your own video projects! Listed below are the finalists for “The Ultimate Philmonster Contest”.

1. Watch them all.
2. Decide which one you like the best
3. Comment on this blog post saying which one should win and why.

We will pick a winner next week!

Here are your finalists (in no particular order)

#1 from @guitar_man_21

#2 from @BecauseShesStar

#3 from @StephenBater182

#4 from @annemolenaar93

#5 from @itsmagicc11


See ya next week.



  1. i vote #1. all the others looked/sounded like creepers…

  2. First Place #2 @BecauseShesStar
    Reasons why:
    -she managed to say/write Philmont somewhere around a gazillion times in the course of 2 minutes (thats dedication)
    -if it was a perfect world, Philmont would have some awesome marketing from her.
    -she wrote an article in the online magazine she works for

    If theres a second place, then i vote for #3 from @StephenBater182
    because his video cracked me up, & he def. spent time on the covers.

  3. # 4 …BTW I just now got around to watching a little of the Super Fantastic Video Journal Blogs you guys have on YouTube…better late than never, I guess. Thanks for making me laugh 🙂

    Philmont should consider doing a “reality” mini-series on YouTube, on what you’re up to now, and how the drummer search is faring. PLEASE? 😛

  4. First place #2 @BecauseShesStar!

    She’s obviously dedicated a lot of time and effort into becoming the ultimate philmonster! Because of her i know what this is (free advertising/marketing). She backed up her claims in many many many ways =]

  5. #3 was SO creepy. @StephenBater182 deserves to win.

    ps. We all know who the ultimate Philmonster really is…

  6. VOTE-#2
    It was adorable – lots of creativity and thought went into it. I felt like I was watching a mini-TV show – too cute. Great commercial for Philmont for sure – what a totally dedicated fan!!

  7. #2- They were all great though!

  8. @BecauseShesStar!

  9. i think @StevenBater182

  10. I’m gonna vote #3. He seemed to have the most energy and heart (Although, #1 was certainly a very close second). I also really liked the guitar covers. He even comes with benefits. If you ever need a back-up singer, you know who to call.

  11. I have to say #1 for first because we are all going to miss Todd and I loved it how he used that video to say bye! But I also love #2 because that is exactly what I would do too! LOVE UM!

  12. @annemolenaar93

    Number 3th

    Because i know him HAHA and it looks awesome

  13. #1 please. It has the most heart, he loves Philmont and not himself.

  14. I’m going with #1…#5 is my second choice, brilliant use of Play-Doh…or Fimo clay…or rolled fondant…whatever is it.

  15. @stephenbater182
    it was HILARIOUS!

  16. #2 I guess…
    I thought it was very original, the preformance is absolutely great and she sounds funny ^^ I liked that thing about the aliens xD

  17. i find the best movie 4 because it looks like a great fun song and it really looks pretty and not fake

  18. #5 because it was very original and simply the best!! 🙂

  19. I vote for #1, cause lets face it Stephen is kinds freaky and #1 has a lot of thought put into it.

      • StephenBater182
      • Posted February 24, 2010 at 10:47 PM
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      i heard that!! haha. jk

  20. I prefer the first one. It seems thought through and… well – I liked it best! 😀

  21. I loved #1. It was the best from them all. You rock!!!!

  22. #1

  23. #1 all the way!

  24. I vote for #1!

  25. I vote for video #1 because it is focused not on himself, but the fact that we are sad that Todd is leaving

  26. #1 is definitely the best.

  27. #1, all the others looked like they didn’t put as much thought into it.

  28. My vote definitely goes to #1

  29. #1 because its very original

  30. Video Number 1

  31. I vote for #1.

  32. Ummm….I’m going to agree with Chey – #1 has my vote.

  33. #4 from @annemolenaar93

    • Wijngaardenfreak
    • Posted February 24, 2010 at 8:56 PM
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    I think #4 @annemolenaar is the really best one, because four fans of philmont spent probably a lot of time playin’, edittin’ and making fun 😉 And last but not least, the result is awesome =)

    That’s why #4 is the Ultimate Philmonster in my opinion

  34. @stephenbater182

    funny and original. and the guitar covers are well done!!!

  35. #1 because he spent alot of time, and you can tell he cares very much for philmont.

  36. #2 because its the best one! The others are lame.

  37. I vote for #2 because it was awesome!

  38. i vote #5

  39. #3
    cause he is amazing!
    and one of my friends (:

  40. i vote for stephenbater182″ he rocks

  41. i vote for @stephenbater182″ definitely the philmonster he is awesome

  42. @BecauseShesStar!! Awesome and super cute!

  43. I think #2 (@BecauseShesStar). It was cute and very creative!

  44. #4 @annemolenaar has my vote!

    because that is the greatest movie I ever saw that looks like Philmont!
    and it’s very orginal,
    That’s why #4 is the Ultimate Philmonster in my opinion!

  45. number 3 that kid has talent!!

  46. it’s obvious that this man is a dedicated PhilMonster … and plays a mean guitar, too!

    • the mean guitarists is in video #3 and he gets my vote..

  47. #3 what a philmonster

  48. i vote #5 because she had a very original idea and the CD for the O was a cool effect.

  49. #4 @annemolenaar93

    They’re just the best 😉

  50. I vote numbah 5, because I miss being able to use play-doh for purposes other than sticking it in peoples hair. 😀

  51. #4 @annemolenaar93,is definitely the best!
    Very orginal!!!

  52. #5…. its fun and has great use of the cd.

  53. I vote #5. It was original, and I loved the way she used play doh. It was totally awesome.

  54. I think #3 deserves to win cause his video made me laugh, and I know him! He really likes Philmont, like, ALOT. His video might be a little weird, but, hes an awesome fan. Hes also taking me to one of their concerts! He has the heart! He should win!

  55. @stephenbater182

    he seemed to put alot of work into this. and looks like he really like philmont. and the part where he pasted hi head on the band photo was HILARIOUS!!

  56. #4

    This is the best one

  57. I think #5 deserves to win b/c she’s the sweetest girl in real life. She’s always thinking of others before herself and she deserves a real treat like this. Please consider her. =)

  58. #2 because aliens like Philmont too!

  59. StephenBater182 is the awesomest Philmonster. Why? The dude raaaaaaacks!

  60. i love philmont lol

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