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Hello dearest friends,

Happy belated Valentine’s day. Ill admit that I went to see the romantic comedy ” Valentine’s Day” that had a smorgasbord of actors. It was a good time and a packed theatre! The best part of the night (skip down if you don’t like mushy-ness) …the best part was being with my gal enjoying the savory, warmth, breadedness of Zaxby’s chicken fingers…Marinating the succulent strips in their own beloved Zax sauce. For dessert, a home made lemon cake.. what? yeah it was fantastic, my valentine, she knows me well.

I miss the chaos of being in elementary school staying p the night before filling out cartoon valentine’s day cards. I think I had SpaceJam cards a couple years in a row. Then coming home counting all your candy it was just like Halloween. I would love to go back in time and do it all again. Id be the smartest 5th grader ever.

The drummer search is still in full swing, were getting quite a bit of submissions and there is definitely some great talent out there. Its going to be a tough decision but we know God is in control and has the perfect fit for us out there.

So we’ve all been home for a couple weeks, and with a malfunctioning xbox, I’m getting creative more with art and writing music. When I get into the groove its hard to go to sleep before 2 am. But the factory is in full swing… okay thats the second time I’ve used ” full swing” … time for new catch phrases.

Alright peeps, take it easy and have a great week!!




  1. Oh most importantly Happy Presidents day yall!

  2. Your X-box is malfunctioning? Oh no, that’s terrible. I’m sorry and I hope your X-box makes a full recovery soon.

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