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Earlier this week I awoke to an aromatic sensation around 10 AM. Smelled like something being cooked…or something. Couldn’t really tell in my just-woken-up state. As I stumbled drowzily down the hall, the fragrance grew in intensity, yet I still could not discern its nature. Finally I get downstairs and by this point the smell is not as enticing as it was in its weaker state upstairs; it is a bit pungent. I walk into the kitchen to find…my mother scrubbing broccoli off the walls. That’s right. Broccoli. Off the walls. See, she makes this great broccoli onion soup sometimes; so she had filled our blender to the brim with broccoli, and the rest was history. Somehow the top came off mid-blend and the chunky green cream went flying in all directions. Its veridian hues splattered across various appliances, dishes, cupboards, the stove… The odor was so heavy I could nearly taste it.

So I helped her clean it all up and we laughed about it. But man was it gross. In the end, the soup came out great though!

Right now we are experiencing some down time on the touring schedule front, which is fine. Gives me some time to rack up some work hours, and gives Philmont some time to figure out our percussionist situation. If you know any solid Christian drummers, please send them our way.

The Book of Eli was a pretty awesome movie – a large amount of accurate Scriptural content and depictions of the power of God’s Word, which is rare for such a mainstream movie. There is some harsh language, but the story is cool and the message is great.

My birthday was this week. The big TWO TWO. My gifts included a membership card to the local bingo club and a discount coupon for my next set of dentures. Also an earhorn. Elderly jokes aside, it was nice to be home for my birthday and celebrate with family and friends. Got some sweet Beach Boy vinyls from my parents to add to my collection (this is not another old person joke). Very cool.

New Facebook layout – what do you think? I can see the appeal. It’s not too far off what it was before, and I do like the notification tab being added to the top of the page next to friend requests and messages. It makes sense.

New season of LOST is…interesting. I am reserving judgment until I can figure out what the big picture is for the season. Which I will probably still be figuring out eight years from now.

Hey be proud of me! I am trying to get my body back to the athletic state it was in during my high school years. Not that I’m a lard-o, but I am pretty scrawny, so I have started lifting weights under the guidance of my ripped-as-can-be bodybuilder of a brother Micah. With him as my trainer, I shall soon possess the strength of ten Josiahs (plus two!)

Have a nice weekend. Check out these songs. Do it. This has been Josiah.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks

2. “Bonfire” by Third Eye Blind

3. “Blister” by Jimmy Eat World



  1. Happy birthday!!! (To Justin as well.)

    The new facebook layout makes me sad. I liked the old one. :/

    And I know it’s a long ways away, but I’m already looking forward to Sonshine Festival in MN this summer. Though you won’t be playing on my birthday as you did this last year, it’ll still be great. ^_^

  2. Happy Birthday! Again! 😉

  3. Look, you’re famous!!

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