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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Unless you’re a Philmont fan living under a rock, I’m sure you’re well aware that my time with Philmont will be coming to end soon. Our next show, which is at the end of the month, will actually be my last show with the band. We’ll be playing in West Virginia at the Winterplace Ski Resort for the Winter Retreat of a summer camp I used to work for. It’s a show that will be very special to me not only because we’ll be playing with our good friends, Wavorly, but also because the show was booked by a past employer of mine who has had a positive influence on my life. I worked for Merrie Johnson down on the coast at the amazing summer camp that is Camp Caswell at Oak Island, NC. This was during the summer of 2007, where for just three months, my personal spirituality and relationship with God were elevated tremendously and I have her to thank for that. Working at that camp made me the man I am today and looking back I am fully aware of how crucial of a period it was in life and how beneficial of an experience it was for me. Playing drums on the worship team for the summer also got me adjusted to playing music in front of large crowds which obviously benefited me in the future as well. Paul Bowden and Scotty Beshears (former members of the band Building 429) also share this same experience with me.

On another note – Hey LOST fans, how cool is this….

This is currently my desktop wallpaper.

If you haven’t done so yet, go wish a happy belated birthday to both Justin (Feb 6th) and Josiah (Feb 9th) who both had birthdays this past week. Soon to follow will be both Scott (March 1st) and myself (March 25th). February and March are jam packed with Philmont birthday goodness. How fun.

Enlight of recent Philmont birthdays, I feel led to post for this week’s viral video a Wal-Mart commercial I had seen recently that left me in stitches. Not only because of my personal preference for calling people “clowns”, but because of the surprisingly vast majority of people who suffer from coulrophobia (the fear of clowns). Enjoy. Unfortunately, only a few more viral video postings remain…

Your friend,



  1. Where ‘da video?

  2. Hey Todd! I went to one of your concerts once, with Our Hearts Hero and Addison Road and Pillar. I’m gonna miss you!! Why ya leavin’?
    Happy Birthday All!

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