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Hi gang,

This week has been exciting, Philmont had a great local show. It felt like we played for 3 hours. It was my 22nd birthday so I guess you could say my band played my own birthday party. I should have had the night off but its the 2nd year in a row where Ive had to do so. I cant complain it was a great night and lots of friends showed up so I thank everyone for that.

Philmont has also been looking through drum audition submissions to find a great fit.If you dont know what Im talking about… scroll down a few and its all there. If you are a drummer or know anyone that is send them our way! There are some talented drummers out there. Even though Todd had the smallest feet in the band, he left a big shoe to be filled and its not going to be easy. We sure will miss that clown. That was Todd’s word “clown” .. sniff.

So yeah I turned 22 this weekend. Josiah turned 22 today, were getting old. All of us in Philmont have birthdays early in the year. Scott’s is coming up in the beginning of March. Hard to believe 3 years ago I joined Philmont.. the journey is just starting I feel like. I cant think of a better gift around this time for all our birthdays than the wonderful gift of LOST. Were crazy about some of that junk. Its going to be sad when that show is over…but I ask myself… Will it really be over? Dun dun dunnn!

At the end of this month Philmont is gunna get our snowboard on! Were pretty stoaked but sadly it will be Todd’s last show. But we’ll forget about that and have a good time together.

Hope everyone has a great week!



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  1. Happy birthday Justin and Josiah. 22 is supposedly “young” but we all feel “old” when we hit it…no clue

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