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This week I’ll be writing a Bullet-point blog:

-The Super Bowl just ended…I’m disappointed that the Carolina Panthers didn’t win.

-Josiah and I spent last week in Nashville recording some new demos and doing some writing sessions. One of our sessions was with Josh Farro of Paramore. He’s going to work with his brother (who is Paramore’s drummer) to demo out drums and guitar on it. I’ll then put vocals on it. While most would consider this a demo of a new Philmont song, I’ll be telling the world that it’s me doing guest vocals on a new Paramore song.

-We’re still taking drummer submissions. If you’re a drummer and wanna play for us look two blogs back for details. If your friend is a drummer, send them there!

-We played a hometown show last night and it was a lot of fun! Lots of kids came out and made us really appreciate having a good hometown throwdown.

-I bought a taser (technically a stun gun) and Josiah let me zap him in the arm. He screamed (not yelled– screamed) it was awesome!

-Philmont has a FREE iPhone/iPod Touch app available for download now in the iTunes App Store! Just search for “Philmont”. It’ll help keep you connected to us and ensure that you don’t miss the next Philmont show in your area!

-Justin’s birthday was yesterday, Josiah’s is on Tuesday…LOST is also on tuesday.

-This week we’ll be filming the 12th and final “Philmont Rising” episode. They run on a delay so I think you guys are still on 10. I’m thinking of doing a reality show reunion style thing where we sit on the couch in our PJs and show you footage that never aired. I gotta dig back through but I’m sure there are some gems in there that I’d hate for you to miss. (including a video of Josiah getting tased!)
If you’d like to see us do some more episodes with Steelroots be sure and let them know via twitter!

-that’s it from me! signing off

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  1. I, on behalf of all Philmonsters – thank you for agreeing to tase Josiah only becuz it will make great web TV. I should thank Josiah for taking one for the team :o) I also put in over 250 votes for a reunion show on the couch :o).

  2. ^ What Erica said 🙂

  3. poor Josiah! you are so mean! haha!

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