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As most of you now know, Todd has decided to part ways with Philmont (see his blog post below). We love him and wish him the best! So, we are obviously now in need of a replacement for Mr. Davis, which leads me to the point of this post. We are opening auditions for the position. You and anyone you know are welcome to participate.

Here’s what we’re looking for.

– A Christian who takes their faith seriously
– A solid drummer that can stick to a click track (for live shows and for recording)
– Must be ready for immediate practice and touring
– We require a full-time commitment throughout the year
– Must be able to carry their finances without relying on income from the band for up to 12 months

If you think you’d be a potential fit for the job please submit the required cover videos and information specified below.

We’re asking that you submit video drum covers of the following Philmont songs:

Back Down
The Difference
Hello, Jack

Along with a 2 minute video of you talking about yourself. We want to know about you as a person, your drum history and your journey as a Christian.
Also include your personal Myspace and Facebook URLs if you have accounts on either of those sites.

You can submit your videos 1 of 2 ways:
1. You can upload the videos to your youtube page and email the links to us:
2. Videos can be submitted via and emailed to
Be sure to include your first and last name in the file names of your videos.
For file-size purposes, submitting a separate video for each song is fine.

If you have any questions just email us:



  1. aye man. thisll be fun. lol

  2. sounds good im intrested but where would i be able to send the video up loads

    • By either using a file sending website such as
      or upload to your youtube page and email us the links.

  3. I just find out about yall, hope is not to late, if I still have shot please let me know.
    Bless yall

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