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It saddens me to have to share this with but unfortunately I have to announce that my career with this band will be ending soon. I’m sure as a fan one can only imagine the constant joy of being in a Christian rock band and traveling around the country but the fact of the matter is that the music industry is a tough business and times are often difficult. What most people don’t realize is that the majority of touring musicians are forced to make huge sacrifices in their personal lives, both financially and with their own contentment, in order to stay afloat in one’s own music career. As an adult, it’s a tough situation to be in and often hard to handle yet it’s usually what needs to be done. Many give up independency and choose to reside with their parents in order to save money for personal expenses such as bills, groceries, and rent. As a band, we have all been placed within these living conditions. Yet personally, the truth is that the financial circumstances I have been under are just too cumbersome for me to continue. As a result, I have decided that taking a new route in life would be best. I assure everyone that my decision has nothing to do with relationships within the band and that we are all still on good terms.

I thank God for the tremendous blessing this experience has been and I am forever grateful to both Forefront Records and my fellow band mates. It has been a privilege and an honor to be a part of all of this. I am nothing but thankful for the time I have spent within Philmont and the adventures we’ve had together. It will be very hard not being a part of this group anymore given all that we have been through together. The opportunity I’ve had to meet so many fellow believers both nationally and internationally is something I will never forget. Rest assured that the band will continue to play and write music, and will continue touring. I hope that you all can understand where I’m coming from and genuinely ask that you pray, not only for the band’s future, but for my future as well. There are so many people I would like to thank personally, but to everyone, a sincere thanks for all the support and prayer over the years.

-Todd Davis



  1. Todd! What a sad news to read!
    BUT, we all thank you for what you have done & how you brought us closer to God with your music!

    We will all miss you & wish you the best of the world!

    God bless you, Todd Davis!

    PS: Keep writing blogs every now & than please?!
    PPS: You prommissed me to give me one of your caps @ FlevoFest 2010! 😦

  2. Hey Todd! aka Little Drummer boy!
    Of course, i’m sad that you’re leaving, but know that God has big plans for you no matter what you do.
    i have been so blessed to get to know you this past year!
    As i have always said i don’t care if you are part of a band or not i still love each of you and will continue to support you wherever God might lead you as individuals.
    You have been a blessing to so many and i know that you will continue to be.
    Please keep in touch and let us know how we can pray for you as God leads you down a new path on a new adventure.
    i can’t wait to see what He’s going to do in your life next:)
    God amazes me… may i never cease to be amazed!!
    Extra Big hugs and high 5’s!!
    your friend,

  3. I like that you used the word cumbersome. That’s some pretty fancy language. I guess that App State education is shining through:) We still gotta go see a game at Wrigley sometime. Hopefully I won’t have an injury again. Sandberg is going to be in Nashville in April and May and we’re gonna try and take Ryne so he can have his picture taken with his namesake. Well, this is not goodbye…

  4. Sad day! But alas, a choice is a choice, and we all make them. I wish you well, and I hope to see you play one more show before you part ways from Philmont. 🙂

  5. As said by others, God leads of us in the path that He sees fit. I pray the He leads you on rhe best road for you and Philmont as they look to find a new drummer. I will continue to pray for you and for Philmont. Jer 29:11 ~ Tracy

  6. It’s been fun getting to be at several shows where you have played over the past few years that you have been with the band. I wish you the best luck in the future.

    • Erica Hildebrand
    • Posted February 4, 2010 at 12:56 AM
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    Todd – I know that God has HUGE things in store for you, when one door closes another waits opened right?
    Please continue to let us know how we can pray for you – as a person of incredible faith and an awesome drummer for an amazing band you have touched a lot of lives and the least we can do is pray for you continually.
    I also thank you – for making the sacrifices that you have in order to share your love of life and God with us :o)
    God bless.

  7. you will be missed, Todd! thanks for everything you have done for Philmont; i pray that God will bless your future

  8. TODD DAVIS! I will miss you like crazy! I understand where you’re coming from, not from my own personal experience, but from what you’ve explained, it’s a legit reason. But seriously, you are amazing, and it will be DIFFICULT to replace you- as a drummer, a musician, a fellow believer, and all-around awesome person.
    Best of luck to the directions both you and the rest of Philmont are taking.

  9. TODD! You’re a PASTOR. IDK how I know that, but I do. Pray about this…and may you continue to wax stronger in the Spirit. God bless! 🙂

  10. Thank YOU Todd. For your presence in the band, and the great experiences at Flevo 🙂
    Good luck with the rest of your life.
    Be happy!


  11. Even though I don’t even know you in person (I’m just a fan of the band), I’m going to miss you Todd. I will be praying for you and may God bless you in where ever he leads you to in the future. 🙂

  12. The collective lighter flame is held high in honor of the awesomeness that is Todd Davis.

    • Holly ~ the AZ VK5
    • Posted February 4, 2010 at 7:15 PM
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    Oh Todd…i am so bummed to read this news (….and i hope me losing your wallet this-time-last-year has nothing to do with your decision!! hahaha! :c)

    You are such a genuine guy and we (our family) totally enjoyed hosting your band-family for the combined 2 weeks…you guys became part of OUR family (…& your ‘ME’ Wii person is still set!).

    We wish you all of God’s richest blessings as you journey down a new path. Please always remember, the VK5 in Chandler, AZ loves you & will pray for you when ever we think of you. Stay in touch brother… *Hugs!*

    Holly <

  13. Oh no… Todd! That’s so sad 😦
    I’m reaaaally gonna miss you, gosh, i can’t believe it 😦
    I hope I will see you back someday, all the best for you! ❤
    thanks for everything, and the great music you've made ❤

    kisses from Holland ❤


  14. Todd, thank you so much for stepping out in faith both in coming to play for Philmont, and moving on. I only got to see you once, but I saw God come through in your actions, speech, and music. I can’t wait to see how God uses you! And as LaurensKILLER said, you definitely should blog and keep us updated!

  15. I’m going to miss you Todd. We have an unopened copy of your CD that we will give to Penelope when she is old enough to appreciate great music. Glad you achieved a dream of yours. Not many people can say that.

    Your brother,

  16. Oh no! I’m sorry I’m so behind in hearing these HORRIBLY sad tidings!!!!! Todd, you have been an incredibly awesome addition to Philmont these past few years… we absolutely HATE to see you go! But God has other plans for you, and we understand that, and YOU understand that! We will mist you so so so so so so so SO SO absolutely much! Thank you SO much for the amazing work you have done! I love you all SO much and am keeping you ALL in my prayers!

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