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Here are the Complete rules
for The Ultimate Philmonster! Contest

1) Make a video proving that you are Philmont’s #1 fan

2) Upload it to YouTube

3) send the link to @PhilmontRock on twitter AND
you MUST send the link to both places to be eligible for the contest.

4) All entries must be submitted by midnight Feb 15th

Be creative and show Philmont why you are
The Ultimate Philmonster!

The entries will be narrowed down to 3 finalists and posted here on the blog to be voted on by your fellow Philmonsters!

The winner will receive a signed Attention CD
and a sticker/button/pick pack from the Philmont online store.
~miss kimmy
Head Philmonster


[Family members of Philmont or Street Team Leaders are not eligible to enter.
We don’t want there to be any hint of favoritism.
Besides we know that all of us are already Ultimate Philmonsters!]



  1. can’t click. lol

  2. Also can’t click. 😦

  3. No clicking possible.

  4. the link is not active…help!

  5. Sorry- I put the banner add up and forgot to leave the “coming soon” text. Details are there now- Don’t try clicking on the add anymore…it’s designed to send you here!

  6. Just out of curiosity, does it get me bonus points if I bring to light that I bought your CD in Tokyo before it was even released in America? Just curious 😉

  7. Aaah bummer, I can’t enter.. [Philmonster NL- co-leader!]
    Can I help to choose the top 3??

  8. I need to find someone that has a video camera!

  9. Use your webcam!

  10. Okay.

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