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So as many of you have probably figured out Charlotte got snow DUMPED on it this weekend! And by that I mean we got about 2 inches of the white stuff- which, by Charlotte standards, is a good “dumping” of snow.
In true Charlottean fashion we all ran out and tore through the grocery stores like a rabid horde of riot-inspired looters in search of coveted perishables.
I’m sure you’re wondering how I spent my snow day. Sledding? Making a snowman? Tying a rope to the back of my dad’s SUV and inventing the hybrid sport of snowboarding/wakeboarding? (I’m thinking of calling it Snowboarding/Wakeboarding Behind an SUV- Look out 2011 X-Games!) Alas, my day was not all that exciting. Instead of doing any of the above-mentioned awesome activities, I spent the 24 degree day on the streets of downtown Charlotte handing out bags of information and making the following face:
Allow me to catch you up to speed.

My dad owns a kitchen remodeling business. This weekend was one of many annual home shows wherein businesses set up booths in hopes to reach new potential clients. My dad has been in this particular home show for the past three years. This year, however, the people running the show held his contract and deposit check for 6 months while allowing a competing company to purchase ALL of the kitchen remodeling slots for the show. They then informed my dad (along with a couple other competing businesses) that they could not be in this year’s show.

Apparently they expected my father to shrug his shoulders, say “Oh beans!” and go along his merry way—Not the case. He’s a Taube and us Taubes are a stubborn breed. So instead of accepting defeat my father set up shop outside of the show at the two main entrances and handed out bags of literature about his company along with a coupon that he found online for $3 off the show admission price. (Times 1000 bags= they lost $3,000 off the door)

Needless to say some people got upset, did some complaining and soon realized that they could do nothing to stop us due to that pesky first amendment!)

While I was happy to be a part of the shenanigans, I was frozen to the bone! I spent most of my day shivering and watching the valet from the adjacent hotel aggressively fishtail cars out of the parking lot and transport them around the building to their oblivious owners.

I suppose in the end it was worth the chills to “Stick it to the Man!”

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  1. 2 inches? TWO INCHES??!? THATS IT? Try FOUR FEET…in my So. Cal. mountain home, thats what we got. Top that 😉 lol sounds like an interesting weekend anyways. GBU

  2. This is unbelievably AWESOME! Supporting your dad while sticking it to the man all at the same time! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!!

  3. shenanigans? Snow dumping? LOL i absolutely love your vocabulary!!! Nice sticking it to the man!! 🙂 When your helping your family , weather does’nt matter!! Sticks and stones may break my bones but, freezing cold weather will nevr hurt me!! 😉

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